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I applied for fiverr pro seller 9 days ago bt no replay

how I be a fiverr pro seller and make pro gig

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I applied like 2 months ago and still havent got a response, they either pick you or they dont, i dont think fiverr pro gigs are that amazing anyway.

Don’t expect the reply. It’s not gonna happen.

That is very unkind.

Everyone is entitled to apply to the Pro programme.
Whether they are accepted or not is nothing to do with either you, me, nor anybody else.
Nobody appointed you to be judge, jury and executioner - if you can’t find anything nice to say, then please just don’t.

For the OP:


He is expecting the reply to become a PRO seller and he has 5 modified versions of the same gig. I am asking him to save his time and don’t wait for the reply. Has nothing to do with kindness or unkindness.

Did I say he is not?

If it was so easy to become a PRO seller, every seller here would be a PRO. I didn’t say anything nice or unpleasant. I just told him the plain fact that it’s not gonna happen at the moment and you also know it well.