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I asked a buyer "Lets go and Deal this Project, Outside of Fiverr?"

For Example A seller asks his client to do this project outside Fiverr to get rid of 20% charge of Fiverr. He sent this text on message and probably it’s now reviewing by Fiverr CS. R8?

Now Next Example: A seller write this message on his note pad and compress as a zip file and send it by Media option on the Fiverr Message option and tell his client to read it. Then what next?

  • Do you have any answer to this 2nd Example?

Note; I just wrote it out of curiosity. I have no plans to do that or to encourage anyone to do so. SO it was requested to take this normally,


As per ToS, you can’t, and also it’s most likely a scam. I’d delete both convos.


Only typing this: Ha’DIbaH

will get you there.

All other attempts re futile so don’t do it.

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Are you asking for advice on how to break the rules?

You shouldn’t break the rules.

If you don’t like then you are free to freelance on your own or choose another platform.


I asked a buyer “Lets go and Deal this Project, Outside of Fiverr?”

The examples of the seller you’re using IS very much YOU.

I have bad news for you. Trying to play the system will only get you banned!


I am not doing it. It just came to my mind :sweat_smile:

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In Filipino that means “Yes, marriage.” so THINK TWICE! :sweat_smile:

It is against TOS to have any communication off the Fiverr platform.

Communication for handling orders should be performed on Fiverr, through the order page. Users who engage and communicate off of Fiverr will not be protected by our Terms of Service.

Requesting or providing Email addresses, skyp or IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.

Respond with:

Thank you for your inquiry. As you know from
that all communication must be done here in the messages. I would not jeopardize my account here. Thank you for understanding.


On Klingon that is lets meet outside so I can ki… oh talk to you…

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Thinking of how you might game the system and then posting about it is not a good look!


I just want to know that. Thats it.

Yeah, right.

If you get caught, you’ll lose your account.

And sooner or later you would get caught.


I don’t understand why some sellers on fiverr tries to GAME the SYSTEM. I mean they are literally providing you the BUYERS and an OPPORTUNITY to EARN. You are playing on fiverr’s playground with fiverr’s TOYS so please stop doing this for just to save 20% that FIVERR really DESERVES.


Why do you want to know that?

Your second example is way too specific.


I dont know why you thought that.

Because it was way too specific.

You concocted a plan and you wanted to come here and double check if Fiverr will catch you.


Maybe we should let him experience for himself if Fiverr will catch him and ban him. :thinking:


Your title is " I asked a buyer “Lets go and Deal this Project, Outside of Fiverr?”"

You literally said you’ve done it lmao.


I don’t know why you thought that. I don’t think its wrong to think so but if I go to do that then its wrong and I deserve to be punished.

Can you see a question mark?

Yes, a question mark that makes no sense because what you wrote is not a question. You wrote “I asked a buyer … to do a project out of Fiverr”.

You didn’t write “What would happen IF I asked a buyer…”

Now, you can claim you’re just terrible at english to try to mask the fact that you know perfectly well what you did or tried to do, but I won’t be buying it.