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I asked for modifications, but I still don't get any answer

Can someone please tell me what to do?

So, I payed for logo and I extra payed for 24h job. I got file, but it was not like I suggested before, so I requested a modification. That was yesterday, but even after sending messages, I still don’t get anything…

Is there any way to cancel job and to request money back?

You should contact the seller.

I did already, but he doesn’t answer me…

I request for cancellation. Requirements were definitely not met. Thank you for your answers.

i get the whole customer satisfaction thing but asking for revisions to a logo he paid $5 or $10 for… and then asking for his money back because it just wasn’t good enough…? wow. i think this person should try hiring a professional graphic design artist at $75/hr …what a person pays in RealtyLand… to design his logo. He’ll get all the revisons he wants.

Reply to @agent420: I agree. Some people are just plain cheap :slight_smile: No offence

Reply to @bachas85: He can cancel the gig even if he likes the logo and intends to use it . Let’s be honest :slight_smile: It’s full of cases like I described.

Reply to @brakojle: Well it actually depends on the requirements too. You can’t give rocks to someone and expect them to turn them into gold for 5$ .