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I asked mom I won't marry until get FIVERR Top Rated Seller!


I remember that day of winter when I was making my account on FIVERR for the very first time. I was confident with my writing skills so I started to provide WEBSITE CONTENT services. At the start, my profile was nothing more than just an empty place where nobody would like to come. I kept up my encouragement, research on FIVERR and started providing quality services. Now, two days back I’ve achieved LEVEL 2 which is quite pleasant to my heart. I’m over 23 years old and my MOM wants me to marry. But the term I’ve given her is simply that 'I’ll only MARRY as soon as I get “TOP RATED SELLER” badge on my profile.

Isn’t it smart enough??

Need your suggestions… :slight_smile:


Seems like you will never get married.


What does Top Rated Seller have to do with getting married?


Why get married? Live together for a few years, see if you enjoy sharing a space with another person.

What your mom wants is irrelevant, this is your life we’re talking about, not hers. Besides, women who are eager to marry will scare most men, the only exception is cultures with arranged marriages like India.

I respect their system, India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, the brides and grooms get to meet each other, choose each other, so it’s not like Dinesh is forced to marry a monster he can’t stand.

Just make sure you marry a man that respects you, that won’t get angry if you want to work outside the home. I knew someone that told her wife to stop being a dentist because he was afraid she would catch AIDS (dentists wear gloves by the way), and the woman agreed! See? Sometimes women are insane, not to mention their men. I don’t care if her doctor husband was making enough money, there’s always room for more. A woman with a career should work. So if you plan on working from home or being a housewife, make sure you marry a guy that supports that, and by support I mean he has plenty of money to afford it.


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Strange !


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It’s my passion.

I want to achieve this dream

before getting married !


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Thanks a lot for descriptive writing.

Your words really worth.

Respect !!


Reply to @responsiblehina: Go for it. I must admit, I rather agree with @ennoviews. TRS is hard to get, but that part would be attainable as long as there were “checkmark” goals to get there like with level 1 and 2. Unfortunately, there are no attainable checkmark goals for TRS. It is kind of like a lottery in some ways, except more difficult since it relies on a person or group of people who have to decide arbitrarily that you are one and that could be months or years. ( If you were hoping to just avoid marriage, though, this is a great way to do it! LOL )


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Reply to @responsiblehina: My pleasure. Good luck to you. :slight_smile:


Does this mean I am eligible now ?


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Reply to @kay2809: You’re certainly eligible. Good Luck for life !!


Hahaha these comments are funny man, but good luck on your goal!


Hey KEEP It Up!

I understand what you say.

I am really charged with your spirit.

Its great that you are so Yong n still working so well.

I will say you will get your top rate seller badge soon.

I would just like to add…

I have been trying for the same and few times I get hurdles.

I had to even close my account & start up as fresh again.




Your one day will surely come.



Let’s suppose u earn Top level and eventually say yes to the marriage. However on your wedding night u are bombarded with constant orders from the fiverr. Then?? I think your poor husband will get the fever! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ryan9999: <-- this guy was probably ready to marry when he joined fiverr. This is the risk that we all should take often. :smiley:




Reply to @fastcopywriter: agree at our country system there is less divorce , but their husband doesn’t much time with them most of them (not all of them) get’s into affair.


Reply to @prinzidesign: Really? How do Indian women react when they find out? In some cultures adultery is accepted when it’s the male committing it. Personally, I think it’s a horrible thing to do, unless the spouse consents.

The French on the other hand, they don’t care, when President Miterrand died his wife and his lover attended the funeral and spent time together consoling each other.

Here in America our divorce rate is 40-50%. The rate is higher for subsequent marriages.