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I attached one payoneer with 2 Fiverr account


Hello Everyone,

I am so confused cuz I attached my same Payonee account with two Fiverr accounts
My one account is disabled and now I created new one and attached the same Payoneer
with it

Please tell me is I did right ?



You did horribly wrong, sorry.


so what I can do now please tell me ?


simply remove the payoneer from current account. Contact with payoneer to remove it otherwise your current Fiverr account will be restricted again.

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Is Fiverr people understand me ?


You are not allowed multiple Fiverr accounts. If you have broken the rules once and been banned, you need to ask permission before opening a second account.


I create new account on new laptop and old account is disabled already


yes I Contact now may be they will forgive me


Simply follow the Fiverr TOS. Don’t go above that…

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But did you have the permission from Customer Support to open a new account? If not, your new account could easily get banned.

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Yes I took permission from the Customer Support


Since your previous fiverr account is disabled and you have make new account so you can use your payoneer account in new fiverr account.

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hello there can 1 payoneer account use 2 fiverr account


since you can not use two fiverr account if you continue using both account then both your account may disable any time you should use one account.


brother my previous account is restrected


Then you should first ask to fiver help center they will guide you very well thanks

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Payoneer is best way to transfer currency to own bank account. You should be contract with customer support.


Then you are not allowed to open a new account without fiverr permission. Eventually it will be blocked too.


if you are working at a platform, you should follow its Terms & Conditions too. Remove all the previous accounts and connect just one account with it so you dont have to face any problems.