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I attached one payoneer with 2 Fiverr account


Hello Everyone,

I am so confused cuz I attached my same Payonee account with two Fiverr accounts
My one account is disabled and now I created new one and attached the same Payoneer
with it

Please tell me is I did right ?



You did horribly wrong, sorry.


so what I can do now please tell me ?


simply remove the payoneer from current account. Contact with payoneer to remove it otherwise your current Fiverr account will be restricted again.


Is Fiverr people understand me ?


You are not allowed multiple Fiverr accounts. If you have broken the rules once and been banned, you need to ask permission before opening a second account.


I create new account on new laptop and old account is disabled already


yes I Contact now may be they will forgive me


Simply follow the Fiverr TOS. Don’t go above that…


But did you have the permission from Customer Support to open a new account? If not, your new account could easily get banned.


Yes I took permission from the Customer Support


Since your previous fiverr account is disabled and you have make new account so you can use your payoneer account in new fiverr account.