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I Became a level 1 seller! Any advice?


Hello everybody just today I became a level 1 seller and I am very happy about it I read the fiverr advices but in your own personal experience: what tips you can gave me to have a great experience as a level 1 seller. Thank you all of you in advance! :slight_smile:

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Don’t expect a big change when becoming Level 1, this may set you up for possible disappointment and cause you to get discouraged when things don’t immediately improve.


The advice you’ve already read should suffice. Our own personal experiences are not going to make you a better seller, especially since the experiences of every seller will be different. You’re a Level 1 seller now. My advice is to keep doing what you did to earn your Level 1 promotion.


i would just say keep learning, on daily basis .learn the things u have not yet,in ur field. things are changing day by day, and keep in mind .set your target to take your level to pro,thats it


Congratulations ! I am excited too as i also promoted to level 1 :slight_smile: