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I became a Level 2 Seller in 6 months, here is what you REALLY need to know

I am a bit delayed in announcing my level 2 success, and I wanted to share my tips for reaching that level. I received this ranking about 2 weeks ago, but was crammed with exams and didn’t bother to share.

1. I would first like to point out a common misconception: Social Media Advertising. Not useful, never was, unless your gig specifically involves social media. Even if you do get a customer from social media, they will likely be just curious and not actually care to spend money.

2. Start stupidly low and undersell yourself. They call it Fiverr for a reason. Start at $5, and you can build a reputation around people who are unwilling to spend money on more trusted sellers. From there, around maybe 20 reviews, bump it a bit. Good milestones to bump prices (not too high!) are 20 orders, 50 orders, 100 orders, and after that as you please without going too high and driving off competition.

3. Make your icon simple and readable. People always think that an icon that stands out a ton is the best way to go. The secret? Be the one icon that blends perfectly with the website. Literally copy the color code for Fiverr’s green (#1dbf73). Make a simple gig icon showing your profile picture enlarged, a large and readable description in the image icon, and lace it all around with Fiverr green.

4. Never go anywhere near the buyer requests. This is a time waste, and only stingy people looking for absurdly low prices for a ton of work use this section. Don’t even think of clicking it. Save yourself sanity and time.

5. When in doubt, keyword it out. What do you think people will type looking for services related to you? Think of what you should search for, even have friends look for your service and see what they type in.

6. Multiple gigs. Do you have a wide profession? Make gigs that cover that wideness. I have 2 current gigs that are highly selling, the 3rd seldom-seen and forgotten. Both are for music, but different people need different music. Appeal to everyone you can.

Lastly, this one is kind of stupid.

7. Be more chill. The most common demographic for Fiverr is young adults. You’re not going to receive orders from businessmen very high up (One of my common buyers literally uses “UwU” and “OwO” in his messages, I know.). You will always get orders from YouTubers, young entrepreneurs, content creators, etc. Don’t be crass or profane, but keep it chilled out. Nobody is going to like you if you use semicolons; semicolons scream sophistication and a stuck-up attitude. Level with the seller, and get a read on how they act and communicate. Mirror that personality, and make it seem like they are talking to themselves, but with talent.

8. Don’t do anything stupid. I don’t know what exactly to say to define that, but if it seems suspicious, don’t do it and consult this forum or TOS. There is always someone who’s been here longer than you that knows better. Always ask someone else if you have a problem. There’s a forum for a reason.

Cheers and good luck,

Edit: Had wrong color code. Fixed this time.


Interesting Mr Duck;

Sadly I am a fan; and user of; which does seem to put me at odds with; those who would assume that I am there to be their bestest bumbling beer bud breaking bad bull; when I am here to help their Song shine (and by association them).

One can only be what one is. Hipster doolally I am not.

Overall I agree. I do wonder at the Fiver clone Logo though. Simple and stylish I do get. I note that now you have a parrot duck which neither green; nor readable.



It is actually a mandarin duck, and it doesn’t hurt to stick out just a little bit, hence the tip of placing your profile picture enlarged on the gig icon.


Well, that is news to me! Never knew that any form of punctuation made you a snob.

OK then.



Thank you for your post!
For the Buyer Request issue, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but you can actually find some good buyers when you use discernment. My first buyers and reviews came from Buyer Requests, and they were all easy to work with because I put expectations up front.
As for the semicolon issue, I had not really thought of it being snobbish until now (more poetic and an easy way to avoid run-on sentences), and I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you!


Just an odd occurence I found. Whenever I used a semicolon I had a lower order rate with buyers. Could just be superstition, not sure.


That is really odd. I mean what are the odds?

I have never had anyone call me a snob or stuck up for using any sort of punctuation. I write the way I write - never had any complaints. Maybe it is the audience or group you sell to that has an aversion to semicolons. :smile_cat: Well, if it harms your ability to land them as a buyer, you gotta do what you gotta do, right!?!



Yeah, I enjoy them as well. I tend to put on a different face when communicating, because I normally appeal to young adults. Heck, they did a study that young adults find periods in text messages to be hostile. Odd people, huh?


Not to mention my ironic use of a semicolon there lmao


I think there is a segment of “young people” who can find something “hostile” in anything. They live to be offended and whine.

Obviously, not ALL young people are this way - but, there are enough of them.

OK, now you all can scream at me, “BOOMER!” That seems to be the insult I see often on social media when some older person gives their opinion. All I can say to that is, one day, kiddo, you too will be old and younger people will think you are “out of touch”. :laughing:



I’m 16 and already out of touch. I agree with you; the world is way too sensitive and if we took the time to stop complaining and “canceling” everyone maybe we wouldn’t have the issues we have today.


Well, first off, my hat is off to you being 16 and getting Level 2 here! Keep up the entrepreneurial spirit! Your parents must be proud of you! I know I would be!


Sources to make your tips more legit!

1: AKA, ‘Share on social media’ IS NOT the same as ‘create an established social media presence’.

2: I’ll admit I slightly disagree with this one, but only slightly. It is extremely competition and differentiation dependent. If you are literally the only person offering a service, you can set whatever price you find reasonable for your work.
. How to Up Your Prices Sensibly and Sustainably - UPYOUR
. For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share
. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

3: Also something to keep in mind is that people browsing search results will likely never see more than a 24x24 pxl circle, only slightly bigger than an emoji. For more context, our icons show up here on the forum (desktop ver.) at 45x45, nearly twice the size. In general, don’t put ANY words in the profile image.
. What is the role of profile photo in your Fiverr success?
. The Downside of Using other People's Images for your Profile

4: Mostly agreed. Use to be different, but not now. (The only main good use, currently, is for keeping an eye on demand/trends. Though, can also be slightly decent reading comprehension practice as long as it’s seen as practice, aka ‘what NOT to do’.)

5: Critical thinking skills!

6: Huh, I don’t think I have a supporting link for this one on hand. One addendum: ONLY offer what YOU can do, and know what is and is not permitted!

7: Stay professional, but still have fun! (Read the room, meet the mood. If you find yourself dealing with a legal documents writer for example, then you might use some semicolons.)

8: “When in doubt: DON’T” and “The answer’s ‘no’ until you ask.”


@the_mad_duck Thanks for share this…
And i am a Professional Graphic Designer on Fiverr. Welcome to the Fiverr Marketplace :slight_smile:

That’s actually quite helpful! For #4, I meant that if you know you have a wide audience, make different gigs with different keywords for each demographic.

Edit: Smooth brain grammar fixed.


Actually @the_mad_duck, lot’s of young adults live a hostile lifestyle too.

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That is what I said; I’m confused by your counterargument here.


Rise. It’s alright. No need to be.

Excellent list of tips!

I’ve been here almost five years and freelancing since 2014 (full-time since 2016).

I have written similar posts.

You hit a few key points spot on.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Maybe some newbies who came here because an “expert” on YouTube said you could get rich, quick on Fiverr discovers the truth.


Awesome! Really helpful article. I already follow this line up. Thanks