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I beggining to think we need a confirmation screen for reviews

I remember a while back there was a surge of accidental low star reviews coming from the app, it was annoying but most buyers were happy to contact CS and explain the situation. It’s now happened twice in a short time and I’m afraid the bug or bad design or whatever it was is back.
Except now the rules seem to have changed and reviews can’t be altered (even though the old FAQ which says to ask the buyer to contact CS wasn’t taken down) so I don’t know if I should try to do anything about it.

So I think a confirmation screen for reviews might be the best solution here. I was first thinking about a “Are You Sure?” splash screen when a buyer leaves a sub 5-stars on delivery time if the deadline hasn’t passed, but that’s overly complicated compared to just showing the review as it will appear and have the buyer confirm it.


I think that’s a great idea. Possibly highlighting how reviews can effect sellers if they are below 5 etc.


That part is never going to happen, because that’s manipulating the buyer.


It doesn’t need to biased. Possibly a section on how reviews are used by Fiverr and the difference between a 4 and 5 etc. It wouldn’t need to say, “why not 5 stars” just some more information to buyers who may be unaware the importance the reviews have for the sellers.

It would still be manipulation if it hints that a review that’s not 5 stars is not good for the seller.


I think most buyers understand how reviews work. The problem I’m facing now is I have a customer that wants to buy again but left a 3-star rating by accident. Do I work with them on another order and risk it happening again? Just a confirmation screen is enough IMO.

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Even if it was information already publicly available from Fiverr?

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They should just put "Are you sure?
Nothing else that sways it to one end. It will always show, whether they are leaving 5 stars or 2.


Something like:

This is your review:

/Great job mate/

Reviews cannot be changed after they are posted,
click confirm to post or cancel to edit



This is actually a really good idea

I made some quick concept art for this:


If we’re not allowed to say anything about how a review affects our business (whether that information is publicly available from Fiverr or not), I doubt that Fiverr would want to include anything of the sort every time a buyer is leaving a review.

A confirmation screen and a notice that reviews can’t be changed once they’re published look like a good idea.

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I made some quick concept art for this:

Looks great, Jake


No that part won’t work but having a screen to say that they are about to leave a ___ star review would help. I mistakenly left a 4.7 star review recently for a buyer whom I wanted to leave a 5 star review for, and I’m an experienced buyer here. It was upsetting for me to do that and if I had been able to see something to confirm my selection I wouldn’t have done that.

But we do not want to start trying to convince buyers they are harming sellers by leaving less than perfect reviews.

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How did you leave a 4.7 for a buyer? When rating buyers we only have one field, so it can only be an integer from 1 to 5.

3 categories. So 4.7 is 5 on two and a 4 on the other

Yes, but when you review a buyer you only get the one category.

The same way I sometimes type the wrong letter or press the wrong button on the keyboard. If I’m distracted I make mistakes sometimes. I wasn’t even aware that I was actually leaving a review to be honest. It was a complicated looking series of screens I was presented with after my order. I was confused by the entire process.

I probably would skip leaving any review the next time I ordered something due to how confusing I found it and how upset I was to see I had made a mistake.

Oh. I just wondered how. Don’t worry - everyone makes mistakes sometimes!

misscrystal was this through the app or website? I’ve never rated a seller through the app but I believe most if not all of my buyers that left the wrong rating did it through the app.