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I beggining to think we need a confirmation screen for reviews

It was on the website. It didn’t look anything like I had expected it to look. I’ve purchased things in the past and it wasn’t like this was the last time. It had a dark background, was in a narrow column on the left of the screen.
I assume it was arranged that way to make it mobile responsive but to me it was confusing.

When you communicate something with a customer, you’re also conveying your intention. (ie why are you saying it) And that’s where the pressure is.

If you communicate stakes on something, it’s pressure and manipulation, regardless if that information is available. Stakes = bias.


This is the perfect way to reduce the number of reviews you’re going to get. Buyers REALLY don’t care enough about giving reviews to make the process any take more time than necessary.

Plus, this is really counterintuitive. If the site has a function I expect it to work as it should.

I don’t think you understand just how many mistakenly rated reviews I got in the time period I talked about in the first post, I’d much rather have a lower number of accurate reviews than a high number sprinkled with randomly rated reviews.

Of course the other solution is for fiverr to abandon the zero tolerance policy, but they’re probably happy with the reduced CS interactions and the work hours it saves.

good suggestion :innocent:

True, but it’s one click more, and having a confirmation screen for a review isn’t unusual. I’ve seen it on other sites.

I loved this idea! If there’s a way to make the reviewing process easier to understand for buyers, then why not do it? I’ve noticed an increase of messages from new accounts and even had to help one of the buyers figure out how the whole buying system works (I ended up selecting and sending them a couple of Fiverr articles, but was hella scared with their review, since I heard it could be a bit confusing given the weird and vague questions Fiverr displays on the review page).

YES! Nailed the concept! It would be great if they could implement something similar - simple and straight to the point. That way, it would leave no room for mistakes or misunderstandings.

I’ve also noticed that Fiverr is changing their layout, I came across this:

If I’m not mistaken, before there used to be just a “Contact me” button below the packages, but now they rearranged it. So maybe - who knows - they could also add a confirmation screen for reviews :crossed_fingers:t2:

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It’s not a shabby idea. :bulb: I’ve had Clients who said, they had fat fingers (their words) and pressed the wrong button LOL. Sometimes people get distracted. A pop-up screen wouldn’t hurt. We’re humans and we make mistakes. For instance, eBay have a write-up before a negative feedback is left to encourage Buyer/Seller communication.

Yeah, fat fingers is exactly how one of my buyers described it (the review was something like “communication 1*, service 2*, buy again 5*”), which is why I think the app design is the bigger culprit here, although misscrystal’s story makes me think it should be everywhere.