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I believe the level of surveys is taxing on both ends

I know I’m suggesting changes and that costs a lot of money with your web developers, but next time you do upgrade your site, please consider these changes.

Make your data collection random. One out of five transactions max.

Making orders is easy but on both ends, everything after the order makes you throw up your hands. Not after one order, but for frequent buyers and sellers – It’s a pain. Fiverr isn’t the only place I buy or sell from and I can say that the level of questions and clicks after a transaction amounts to a psychological Fiverr tax.

Surveys should be a random thing. Not every single transaction. I work for a fortune 500 company and we realize this. We know that surveys keep our employees in line and deliver useful data about the mechanisms of our customer’s experiences, but the RANDOMNESS of surveys is just as effective at keeping employees on their toes. On the other end, for the customer with many touchpoints, surveys can be a tax. Fiver has ZERO balance, (read zero conscientiousness) here. It’s just SURVEY, SURVEY, SURVEY.

As a buyer and seller, and an employee, I can tell you, I’m sick of surveys. The company I work for does surveys and customers hate them. As an employee, I’m mandatorily surveyed every quarter and I HATE It because the questions asked aren’t relevant to what I want to tell them. Surveys should be a random thing. Not every single transaction.

We know that our customers hate for us to needle them after they’ve called us and made a transaction. and that contacting them every single time, as Fiverr does, leads to false all-ten or all zero or all-five replies. Look at your own reviews “Outstanding experience” is an artificial outlier.

I also shouldn’t be taxed by having to Publicly critique every single buyer that reviews me before I can even see their review. Sellers don’t rate buyers and buyers don’t expect it. A response to a review should be optional. It gets harder and harder to come up with a SAFE and PUBLIC response for a growing list of customers.

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If Fiverr did this, then the data would be useless. Fiverr collects and maintains data on EVERYTHING so they know what to improve, and they know what services and categories bring them the most profit. Random data would not provide them this kind of knowledge.

I just don’t see this. As a seller, the process is catered to gather the order information I need from each buyer, and delivery is a breeze. As a seller, the process allows me to be as thorough as I need to be, and maintain communication with my seller. It works just fine on both ends. After-order “surveys” are a part of doing business on a service provider website.

Yes, you should. Fiverr wants the reviews to be blind. A buyer should not feel compelled to leave the kind of review a seller wants. Buyers can leave whatever review they feel reflects their experience, and the seller gets to respond to that review as soon as they review their experience with the buyer.

Fiverr wants review data on buyers as well, so that they can help maintain the value and worth of their site. Buyers who routinely get bad reviews from sellers, probably aren’t buyers Fiverr wants to support here on their site. Fiverr has internal metrics that “rank” sellers by the quality of the reviews they get from buyers. Why is it so wrong if Fiverr wants the same kind of value metrics from the reviews sellers leave for buyers?


The buyers most likely to leave answers to the surveys about sellers are the ones who complain. Ones who got what they expected and wanted are not going to spend time on them. Happy repeat customers mostly ignore them.

I use a couple of sites that routinely send surveys with each purchase and that is my own personal experience with them. I only use them if I’m unhappy about something.