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I Bet You Got a GREAT Website, But What About REAL Traffic?


Hi Guys,

If you got your website finished & want to get some real AdWords traffic with a quick campaign setup for the search engine - keep on reading.

I offer a campaign that’s setup great right from the beginning - a turnkey solution to jumpstart the traffic you need in order to either test your website, or really start generating leads & sales.

I am putting into the campaign setup everything I know from 10 years of experience about advertising in AdWords so that you won’t spend money on useless traffic & on the other hand the targeting will be at its best.

Check this gig out - start getting REAL AdWords traffic.


If I am not mistaken, you are not allowed to advertise here??


As far as I know, I can. :slight_smile:

I looked into the guidelines & into what actually happens in this category in the forum.


Good luck for your gig adwordsadvisor!

We could work together :slight_smile: since I offer gig that can reveal any competitor website Profitable Keyword.
Good artist copy, great artist steal :stuck_out_tongue:

have a great day


Actually, you can’t make contact with others off the Fiverr system. IMHO, you should go back and re-write your FAQ. You’re blatantly telling people to contact you on your website for additional work. You wrote:

This is a service we do offer, but only when you will contact us directly via our website. you are welcomed to search for TargetSpur on Google, fill in the short contact form on our website, and we can move forward from there.


I would be delighted.


Thank you for your notification. This is probably something I probably did as a newbie, when I didn’t fully understand how Fiverr operates.

I fixed it.