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I block all buyers who do not put 5 stars

And that makes me feel good. :love_you_gesture:


Same. My line of thinking is that if I haven’t delighted them fully, no sense disappointing them again in the future - just leads to stress on both sides. Inevitably the “4.7” raters are a pain the backside anyway, their rating usually comes after endless rounds of nit-picking revisions as a final “f you” to my ROI.

700+ projects, I’ve never rated someone less than a 5. Anyone that’s ever worked in retail driven by those stupid end-of-receipt surveys knows that no matter how wide the rating scale is, there are only two options: pass or fail. Anything less than the highest number in all rating categories is a fail. In the US, there’s an unfortunate trend of computer tablets on tables in chain restaurants (TGIFridays, Olive Garden, Chili’s, etc.), armed with a survey when you use them to check out. I found out from a friend who works at one that they use the ratings to directly determine how many hours servers get - one disgruntled table and you could find yourself cut for the week. It’s borderline inhumane.


Out of the little over 100 reviews I’ve garnered, so far I’ve only received three ratings that were sub 5 stars. Two were from brand spanking new buyers who didn’t really know anything and one was from a very demanding individual who wanted an entirely different style of voice over from the original instructions sent, assumed I was a mind reader, and was slightly miffed that it required a revision that was delivered within 30 minutes time…

I just so happened to block all three. Was it because they were vague and aggravating buyers with whom I didn’t want to work for again or was it because they left sub-5 star reviews? :smirk_cat:


Only time I’ve ever blocked someone for a 4.7 rating was because they gave me 4 stars for communication even though I had done exactly what was asked, and I even did two free revisions trying to “get it right” but when they hit the revisions a third time I just re-delivered and gave a long explanation on how the work was already done.

Looking back the block was pretty emotionally charged but I learnt to not do revisions for free. Apart from that I’ve only had another two under-5-star ratings, I responded to one and the other I just left it as is.

As for what @thatwordchick mentioned about not rating others below 5, I’ve only ever given a low rating because the work was just terrible and definitely not as advertised, apart from that I usually give the 5 stars. I recently looked for a piano composition for $5 and what I got back was definitely not piano but a full track in two different keys and like 4 loops, so much work had gone into it that that even though I had no use for any of what was sent it didn’t exactly feel right to leave anything below a 5.


I do the same. Like @enunciator, I have only received three ratings below 5-stars. 4.7, 4, and 3.7. Two of them from new buyers, and one from a buyer who was angry I delivered just before the deadline. I had multiple orders in the queue, so I only noticed just a few hours before I had to deliver that the clown had included twice as many words as he had ordered.

I see it as protecting my business. I know they are not negative ratings officially, but I am not working with someone who has the potential to hurt my business. The same goes for buyers who stress me out needlessly during the order. After the order is over, I block them.

I have given a seller a 2.7 review for delivering days past the deadline as meeting the deadline was very important to me on that particular order. He then attempted to find me on Instagram (to harass me, I am guessing), and he was sure he found me as all blond, white people look the same (?). Jokes on him, 'cuz I haven’t got an Instagram.


Since those reviews, I always get a little apprehensive whenever I see the “**** is new to Fiverr!” banner that shows up on orders from new-to-platform buyers. They don’t have an understanding of the site and may very well think a 4 star review is fantastic and would only give 5 stars to someone who saved their job, marriage, and cooked them dinner all at the same time.


I had one guy I blocked find my blog and attempt to malign me with 10+ comments in a row about how badly my work sucked and what a terrible person I was, after I’d taken on a MASSIVE project at a HUGE discount for him because he gave me a sob story about the family business. Learned my lesson there! The really galling thing is that I found out after I accepted the work that the previous work he wanted me to “improve upon” was from a TRS here. I looked at their gigs, and found out they charged him more than twice what I normally do, let alone the discount rate he begged me for.


When i receive an message or an new order i like to check their profiles to see the avaliations, how the buyer rate other sellers.

    1. I remember one buyer that liked of the project and give me 4.7 review. After that he message me to make an additional change for free. And i was asking myself why i should help him if he gave me 4.7…

In the end i helped him… but this is something to think about, if the client expect to receive some free help or some support after… they should be honest about the avaliation if they like give 5 stars… not a random avaliation.


And i thought I was rude :rofl:
I haven’t got a negative review yet but I guess an unsatisfied buyer wouldn’t order again.


I have filled out those surveys at Chili’s anyways - and always gave 5 stars and nice comments at the end for the server. Those people have a hard job, and I have always had great servers, so I want to help them out if I can.

You are also right in saying there is no “middle ground” with those surveys. I took my Infiniti in for service at the dealer a month ago, and the service guy came out to inform me what was done etc, and then let me know that I would receive a survey via email in the next day to rate my service. He also informed me that “anything below a 5 star is considered FAILING”. So, even if I thought something could be improved or I thought that particular area only deserved a 4, it would indicate that that area of the service SUCKED!!! There were a TON of questions on this survey to boot (maybe they should have had a “rate if you liked how long this survey was” as well) and I rated it 5 across the board as they were excellent in their communication, facilities and service. Only thing that was an issue, is they washed my car and being it was only in the teens that day, should have wiped the doors and trunk down better - I couldn’t get into my car as the door froze. LOL But, even though it was already after closing, this tech answered me knocking on the glass pane and came out to help me open the car doors and apologized profusely! I wasn’t mad, I have made that mistake before when I have run the car through the wash and didn’t take the time to get out and wipe down the doors and trunk. I remember one time running my car through the wash then arriving at where I was going to go shopping or eat - and I couldn’t get out of my car as the door was frozen shut. :laughing:



Good job all the best


Provide high-quality work … You will get 5-star rating … Buyers are not psycho … :slight_smile:
But it’s true, some buyers are really moody … :rofl:. you should block them … and I hope you did the right thing


Funny you would say that, I LITERALLY remember a seller saying something similar on here when I first joined. They were going on and on about how us sellers are unreasonable for constantly wanting 5-stars (that that is reserved for only the superb and most excellent of work). That unless we came over and cleaned his house or something, he only gave an average of 3-stars, 4 if he’s feeling generous :sweat_smile:


I would never consider blocking Buyers who don’t give me 5-Star ratings.

The Buyers I block are the ones that are simply categorized as “problem” or “difficult” Buyers.

Have you ever had a meal at a restaurant that didn’t meet your expectations?

Do you quit going there or give them a second chance?

I think blocking non-5-Star Buyers is a path down a slippery slope.

But hey, keep doing it.

That means more Buyers for me.


Yes I gladly leave them to you.


It also makes me ask the question…

Does this mean that you won’t take payment from a Buyer who won’t give you a 5-Star review?

I think the money is worth the same regardless of if it comes from a 5-Star Buyer or a 3-Star Buyer.

It is a BIG mistake when you start feeling that you are only worth working for 5-Star clients.


Their cash is as green as that from five star buyers (or whichever color your local currency is) but it is also more than a simple coincidence that the majority of buyers who review more harshly tend to be the same buyers who are a pain-in-the-rear to deal with.

Potentially damaging reviews versus being paid; that is a decision every seller has to make. Migraine-inducing buyers versus losing an order is another decision that sellers have to make. Personally, I know which I prefer.


@looseink @enunciator
Your opinions are interesting

For the moment I give priority to my stars, and all those buyers who lower my average, I prefer to avoid them and refuse their money, yeah!

Later, if I have hundreds of reviews I would probably think differently.

(I am new to Fiverr, but neither in life nor in business and I know very well what suits me)


I prefer to lose money than getting negative review, buyers come to me like magnets when they see my gig, so it’s fine :rofl:



Warning French : Ton gig de psychopathe? :rofl:

(Your psycho gig?)

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