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I Blocked a Buyer because I don't want to work with him


So I had this buyer order a quite complex video from me, and the budget was actually very small. Unfortunately I accepted and he was demanding that the revisions to be done in a time period that I cannot. He even wanted to contact me outside of fiverr. So I canceled the order(Because I don’t want a bad review), and we didn’t talk after that. This was all more than 2 Months ago.

Now again he contacts me, (He’s a Top Buyer now) and He wants the same video done, and wiling to pay $5 more that the previous time. I said that “I’m sorry, I don’t want to work with you”

He threatened me to do the work or he will report to fiverr (about how I treat my clients). I paused my Video gig and Blocked him. I don’t want to work with a buyer like that, Its difficult to revise 3 days of After effects work in 6 hours.

Also My gig is for small video clips for Instagram. Something like how GaryVee has his Videos. I’m afraid he will order that gig and Ask for the type of video that hes asking for.

So I just want to know, Should I un-pause the gig? What if he orders and Demands I do his work that is not in the scope of my gig description? I don’t want to increase my cancellation rate.


That might be like a red rag to a bull. I’d feel aggrieved if a seller spoke to me like that, although I can understand why you’d feel like it. Some things are better left unsaid. :wink:

Are you able to block him from buying? I know the feature is being rolled out, but I’m not sure if everybody has it yet or not.


You shouldn’t tell a buyer straight up “I don’t want to work with you” you should say “I am unable to do this request for you, please find another seller to do this for you. Thank you”


If you block a buyer then the buyer can’t place order your any gig. So you can un-pause your gig.

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ohh, Thanks for the advice.

Oh, Really?
Thank you. But I have heard in other forum topics that the buyer can buy even if you block them

opps, My Mistake.

I’m not sure if I can block them from buying. On The Fiverr forum, some people say its possible and some say its not.

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Why not exactly? :thinking: It’s well within the sellers right as well as within the terms of service to not opt to work with a buyer. The same way it would be if a buyer told a seller they didn’t want to work with them.


You can’t stop a buyer from ordering! If you block he can’t message but he can order.

However, if he threatnes you please just report him and Fiverr will surely review the buyer. In the mean time if you feel unsafe just contct CS and they will surely give you the best option.

This may be helpful to you:


There’s a 90% chance you are going to get a sensitive Fiverr Support member seeing what you wrote and they will issue you a warning. Don’t play with fire.


If you have not reported him to customer support you should for this.


Yes it’s new fiverr update.

It’s very Important advice ,

I have told 3 buyers in the past that I no longer wanted to work with them, but each time
I was careful with how I worded myself.

What we type here will remain, and I wanted to be 100% sure that if the CS staff or ANYONE saw the messages, they will all say “OK, she was trying to sound nice and professional as much as she can.”
There were times where I just wanted to the buyers to go scr*w themselves, but each time
I explained calmly that I was having a hard time meeting their demands, and that I have
reached a point where I strongly believe that another seller might be more suitable for them.
And yes, I always told them I was sorry for not being able to help( even though I was not :stuck_out_tongue: )