I bought a gig but I didnt receive my order, I need help


I bought a gigs but which was spouse to be delivered in a day but havent heard from seller,anyone knows what shall I do? I send seller a msg but no answer?

Please Helppppp HELLLPPPP



Is this something being shipped to you by mail or some other carrier?

Did the Seller send you anything through the Fiverr system? A shipping receipt? A document? Anything? If they did, you should have received an e-mail, “Fiverr: Congrats! [username] delivered your work.”


I have purchased an item as a Christmas gift for someone and I haven’t received it. Its been a few weeks. They aren’t getting back to me no matter how many times I try to contact them to inform meof my shipment. II’m new on here and don’t know how to get help or where to look on here. Can someone please help me


Hey mely55. Did you make sure that your order actually started and entered their queue?


If the order did not get started, then they may not be aware that they even had an order to work on. This is the first thing that I would check.

If you received a notification that the order is late being delivered, then you need to visit the order page and you can go up the the resolution center tab and ask for a cancellation. I hope this helps you.


How can I cancell?


Where can I find Seller failed to deliver on time???



If seller doesn’t answer you, cancel order marking it as “seller failed to deliver on time”.

Your money will be stored in your Fiverr account and you can use it to buy other gigs.