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I bought a logo design created by using pirated software

Recently I bought a logo design on Fiverr created by using pirated software.

Am I in trouble, may I use such a logo?


I don’t see how you could be liable for using a logo, so I think you should be fine. But I’m curious as to why somebody is using pirated software and how you can tell from just the logo


No he’s not fine. Even if he bought it he is still using pirated logo and it’s also his responsibility :woman_shrugging:

@blavaro contact fiverr support and ask them to cancel your order and send them screenshots as a proof of pirated logo.
Don’t risk using it, you might get in trouble with that.

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@mariashtelle1 He didn’t mention a pirated design. I understood it to mean that the logo was fine but it was created using pirated software (i.e the designer had a pirated copy of illustrator). This is definitely not what you want, but I don’t think he would be liable for the usage of an image created this way

if that’s indeed what he meant then yes, he wouldn’t be in any trouble if seller used pirated version of illustrator.


I just asked Seller if they used legal software and if they can proove it with screenshot with hidden sensitive data.

After short discussion they confirmed they used cracked version of Adobe CC Illustrator. So they confessed themselves.

If that’s all they did and the design itself is original, I doubt you’re going to get in trouble.


@blavaro May I ask what is your end game here?

You already talked about this on another topic and it was clear that you want seller with the licensed program. It was suggested that you ask for evidence prior to the order.

Why did you hire a seller that did not provide you with evidence?
Why didn’t you ask that you want your logo to be created in licensed software?

If you did not request this prior order or in order requirements, I am sorry but you have no grounds what so ever to make any kind of remark on your order.

And what kind of logic is that you would be in trouble for drawing created in pirated art software?

There is like no connection between those two what so ever. In this or any universe.


That’s irrelevant. There’s no way to know if a logo was designed on pirated software or not. It’s an image. Images are not “cracked”, they don’t have serial numbers. What you are complaining about is nonsense. Either you like the logo or not, and it either is original work or not. The way it was created is none of your business.


Yes .It Is right answer here .

I disagree with

There is a way if you asked Seller if they used pirated software and they say Yes.

That’s how it works, none really cares, everybody is happy.:frowning:

Well, if they are very stupid, yes. Otherwise they can reply “That’s none of your business”. Or they can lie. It’s real easy.

You paid for a logo. You got a logo. You got what you paid for. What do you care?

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The end game?

My mistake.

My mistake again.

The end game. I am so stupid that I would love to make this marketplace a better marketplace. No way.

I have asked for proof of legal software many sellers before. Sellers, level 0 ($5 - no surprise), level 1 ($50 - a bit surprise) , level 2 ($150 - surprise, surprise). And went even deeper. I have asked TRS ($300 - I am done).

All bad guys I chose.:frowning:

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No seller is under any obligation to show proof of purchase of any software to any buyer. It’s a matter of principle. The fact that they refuse doesn’t mean they are using pirated software. It just means they have no patience for your crusades.



Do you think that Sellers use pirated software? Are you concerned? Do you care?


Humans do not function like that.

People always say to me “oh my country is corrupted, politicians are all corrupted…”

NO!! Every single one of you is corrupted, you just do it on smaller scale or you did not have opportunity or reason to act “illegally”.

I was in jungle in Africa. No phones, no internet, no government, nothing.
One guy was selling bananas.
I asked: How much? He said 0,2USD for 10 bananas.

I paid.

After 400 meters I opened the bundle and 4 was fine, 6 inside was rotten. He knows corruption without TV and presidents and republican and democratic and whoever is out there.

The world you are thinking about doesn’t exist. It is so impossible that it can not exist even in your imagination.

You promote Speechelo on your webpage and that is a scam program, you pay 37$ for “30 voices” and later you see you only get 2 on English, rest you have to pay a monthly fee.

And what kind of LEGAL company is going to set that if I type in browser 47 in the link I get to buy program for 47 but if I type 37 I get to pay 37$ for same program? One month ago you could buy it for 27 by typing in extra 27 on the end of the link…and after you buy no refund no respond nothing.


I think some do. No, I’m not. No, I do not. It’s not my responsibility or place to care about that.

I care that people do good work, since that will reflect well on the platform. That’s what matters. As a buyer, I’d rather hire 100 sellers doing amazing work on pirate software than crap work with all the licenses. As a buyer, I care about the final product I get. As long as it is good, original, and won’t get me in trouble in any way, I’m happy.


There is a way if you asked Seller if they used pirated software and they say Yes.

Sure, but that doesn’t mean you would get in trouble for it. You paid them to do work, they did it, and now you’ve got the work.

There is no reason you would get in trouble for that - you aren’t responsible for whether or not someone paid for software. If you didn’t use the pirated software yourself, it doesn’t matter.


Well, I am not that stupid to think about perfect world.

Speechelo is a “product” of another fraud here on Fiverr. And again, my mistake.

I am learning a lot here on Fiverr these days.:slight_smile:

My conclusion is that using pirated software to deliver work and make money on Fiverr is nothing to worry about.