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I bought logos i had completed design but i did not approve the final designs,

This is my first time using fivver, I got a completed design but i did not approve the final designs, and the funds

have left my a/c and no outstanding orders left.

I sent message to seller so I will see what I get back but is this normal?

Reply to @matt_garry:

there was no concept,i’ve just describe what the logo’s need to represent

I don’t understand what you mean by “approved” if the seller offers revisions then that is fine. But if you think that just because you didn’t “approve” does not mean you get your money back. Why would you ever expect someone to work for free? you realize how cruel that is?

Once the seller sends their delivery, the buyer has 3 days to review the delivery and request any modifications that may be needed. If they buyer does not complete the gig themselves or request modifications, the Fiverr system automatically marks a gig as completed and done after the 3-day period of inactivity by the buyer. Perhaps this is what happened in your case.

Hi HinaPatel, I am getting ignored by a seller that sent me a junky looking graphic too. Hope you have better luck. And Mr. Garry, no one wants to spend even one penny on crap do they? Do you realize how cruel that is? Wasting even a penny like that?

Reply to @landflower: I don’t see him saying crap or even that he didn’t do a good job he simply said that he didn’t give approval on the final designs. That is not how it works unless the gig is set up that way and for good reason. Im sorry that you are not satisfied with your junky logo but if you didn’t check his samples/ did not pay him for revisions/ or did not give him a good description then uhh ya…

if you did and you can see pixels or its not as described then ask for a refund and contact cs


i have a very similar experience with the fiverr.

The price seems verry low but as my grandfather told me when i was young

the cheap is never cheap,because you need to buy expensive later time…

Main problem is: i ordered a logo,before i sent my request i asked the seller if he will make some concept for me to choose the right one,insted of he provided me one logo,but he also asked if he need to make some changes…

My demain is to see at least 5 basic concept and then choose one to finalize it and not the seller should choose what is good for me!

I am a bit angry for this concept and maybe thats not because of the fiverr but i am confused.

I need also order a 3D modell,but the seller told me it cost me 12 gigs,but since its not cheap anymore i don’t know if i will use this service in the future

Reply to @kjblynx:

okey thank you for your detailed answer.

There was nothing about concept making in the description of the gig

Reply to @tibiotos: was the persons gig set up that way or did you just decide that he would make concepts for you??

Is there any PROVEN! logo designer on fiverr. Order from 3 separate gigs (no names) all gave me crappy logos! Something I would design lol…All the sample these guys post is either not theres or they took months to create lol…

Does anyone knows any good PROVEN designers?


To all the buyers in this thread with poor experiences from logo designers: This is what you should expect most of the time. People on fiverr are not professionals and they are working for $5 a piece. If you’re paying $5 for a logo, there’s no way a sane person is going to give you 5 concepts and wait for you to approve it, reality is - they’re going to spend maybe 15 minutes max on it and send it to you.

Now, there may be gig extras you can get which get the seller to spend more time on it - for example for my logo design gig, I offer a $10 gig extra, where I spend more time on it.

tibiotos said: but since its not cheap anymore i don't know if i will use this service in the future

You can't expect 5 concepts for $5, that's insane. I feel extremely sad for the person who accepts your conditions. If you want quality service with an amazing logo, you're going to have to pay more.

thehowtoman said: Does anyone knows any good PROVEN designers?

To everyone in this thread, I understand there are too many 'designers' on fiverr who claim to design wonderful logo's with their live portfolio suspiciously turned off. I always provide quality work to my customers, although if anyone wants a REALLY good logo then they need to pay more or order some gig extras. Reality is, anyone who can design good logos can charge an average of $200 elsewhere - the only reason I offer a logo design gig here on fiverr is because I have other graphic design gigs, and might as well. But it's really demeaning when someone excepts a thousand revisions and concepts for $5!, or even $10!
If you guys have questions you can always shoot me a message, I'm happy to help.

I have a similar problem. I have two separate gigs that include one revision. I was delivered the product, I immediately replied stating what I would like to have revised. No reaction from the sellers, and then the job is automatically closed after 3 days. - One of the gigs, she actually asked me which version I wanted, I replied and nothing back. I am still waiting to receive half of my order!!! This has been 2 weeks now with me writing to the sellers every few days. No reply. How can I now go through the resolution centre with both jobs being completed? Very frustrating situation.

i can i also proof read your document check it out here

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Reply to @thehowtoman: What exactly do you have in mind? I’m OK with concept design, it’s not my preferred method… I prefer to have something to work with beforehand, but I’ve done it before and never had any complaints.

As a freelance designer I can tell you that professional (“proven”) logo design/branding design should cost NO LESS than $500 or $40/hr. If you want experience, research, print ready artwork - that’s what you should be paying a professional and no less.

If you’re paying $5 for a logo, you get what you pay for. Remember the designer on Fiverr is only getting $4 – even less. For $4 you should expect to get what takes the designer an equivalent of 5-6 minutes to do. (Some designers are amazing with 5-6 minutes!)

Money is money… i was not looking for perfection only for them to follow simple instructions and deliver what they promised. Two logo designers one holding my money hostage and refuses to cancel the order and the other no longer responding. How do i get my money back?