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I bought music "Royalty free" and put one in my video. Youtube claim the rights for the music


On September 15, 2014 I bought a gig “Give you 20 royalty free instrumental beats for youtube videos music tracks”.

I put one music inside my Youtube video, and Youtube claim the rights for the beats. Can somebody tell me how to get refund by the buyer because the music he sold me are not Royalty free.

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User name is : FRAGGLESROCK

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Hey twende, it might not be the seller’s fault at all. Youtube’s auto-detection system sometimes wrongly flags beats that are perfectly legal to use. You should contact the seller and discuss the problem with them, and I’m sure they would have a solution. (e.g a note on what to say when filing a dispute with youtube on the flagging) it’s a known problem and sometimes all it takes to remove the flag is filing a dispute once or twice. Good Luck

P.S The reviews of that seller are great, hence I’m more than positive he’s selling legit stuff. I’d also like to point out (for your own good) that mentioning usernames on the forum is against the rules.

I agree with xpert. http://www.**********/royalty-free-music/ is a completely 100% copyright clear website for getting royalty free music but occasionaly youtube will flag those tracks bought here, even though in their licencing it states they are able to use their music for pretty much any multimedia project including profitable videos. I think if you are able to pull up the agreement terms associated with those purchases, they can remove the infringement without too much of a hassle. Royalty Free music can be finicky sometimes

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I once recorded an hour of christmas hymns that I played on a piano and synched them with a yule log. Everything was original and it was flagged. I would contact the seller to inform you of the source. You can file a report with youtube that the claim against you is false.

On the other hand, the seller might have sold the same music to multiple users and one might be claiming they own it. Your license for the royalty free music is often not exclusive.

I would not only contact the seller, but contact Youtube as well. It sounds more of a Youtube problem to me than a problem with the seller. Good luck.

I bought royal free music before and Youtube automated system claimed it wasn’t but it was. I have read on many youtube forums this happening to other people. I’m sure there is a way to dispute it on youtube, but instead I would change the music. Youtube sensitivity meter is a bit wonky at times and it doesn’t always get it right.

Try these totally free song downloads available at http://www.*********… You can use them in your Youtube videos without the worry of copyright infringement.

Contact YouTube, you need to dispute the content ID claim:

“f you get a Content ID claim on your video that you believe is invalid, you can choose to dispute that claim. When you dispute a Content ID claim the copyright owner will be notified and they’ll have 30 days to respond.”

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