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I Bought My First Fiverr Gig Service and I am Very Happy..I Will Give The Seller A $15 Tip


I’ll definitely give the seller a $15 tip when the job is done because the seller is very responsive and takes heed to details…


Hey that’s great. Glad you found a good seller.


Thank you…I’ll definitely be the seller’s repeat customer for sure


Just out of curiosity, may the Fiverr community be made privy to the details of what you have purchased, why you have purchased what you have, and what price your seller is charging?

It’s hard to really share your enthusiasm for your present buying experience. - At least not without knowing what exactly you have purchased.


Is this part 2 or part 3 of yesterday’s movie called “sellers are bad, buyers are amazing”? I lost count…

Regardless the number. I am making popcorn.


make that two if you don’t mind. I’d like to join and add in to the audience. :rofl:


Probably a product description writer for his WordPress themes.


That’s great. Yesterday I thought you are a seller. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




That is a very sweet move! I’m sure you’ll make their day!


Glad you had success, we were not as lucky the seller ************** that we paid about $200.00 for a Facebook media campaign and 14 management. One of the staff gave him a 5 rating before he had completed the task and we found it unsatisfactory and request a refund. ************** Fiverr page says 100% guarantee if not satisfied but they would not refund so you have be careful when selecting a seller. Has anyone else had this problem?