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I broke one of the rules

I was stupid to tell a customer that he can pay me on pay pal.And i know is against the rules but i really don t know at what i was thinking.I was level 2 and i have this account since 3 months ago and a lot of work behind this to make it a good account so people will come to order from me.

They removed my both levels.1 and 2 and i want to know if that happened to somebody else.And when i can have my levels back?What i have to do?

giving such details is against the TOS/rules so im sure they did not like that and removed your levels.

By going to paypal and getting paid directly you cut the revenue fiverr makes out of your gig.

Best of luck! <3

I have heard of members getting their levels back after awhile by maintaining high ratings and not breaking any more rules, but they hadn’t tried to do business off-Fiverr, I believe it was just exchange email addresses for personal messaging. I’m not sure how long they were at the basic level, a few months maybe? You can try searching the forums, it was quite a long time ago that I read those threads.

From what I understood there is a minimum of 4 weeks to even question about it.

You must maintain 100% positive rating and not get involved in a warning again.

  • Joe

It didn t show anything yesterday but now i have to re-build the levels :frowning: that is a lot of time involved

I’m new on Fiverr. I thought we all got paid through PayPal or some Payoneer card thing . (I don’t have the Payoneer card). If Pay Pal is bad, do we have another option ? The Payoneer card isn’t available in my state.

Reply to @georgedesigns: when you buy a gig you can pay with Paypal, but you pay Fiverr, not directly the seller!! If a seller tries to bypass Fiverr and asks you to be paid directly on Paypal, report him, 'cause this is against Fiverr ToS.

Yes and on top of that for your safety never give out your paypall email adress. Their are a lot of bad people who want to scam you. Stick to the rules :slight_smile: