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I Built very good Gig for Logo design , passed the Logo Illustrator course and still getting almost no orders


I am doing very good logo design and built strong Gig I believe , passed the Illustrator logo fundamentals course , however I am not getting orders , any suggestions to bring my Gig on first page of search ?


Yes im having the same issue… i have created gig for some months now but no buyer request yet

Hi there @design_is, how are you doing? Firstly, you have to understand that Fiverr has over 84.000 Logo Designers alone, why would that make you think you can sell your logos in just a few days, weeks or even months? It takes time and determination to get some buyers rolling in. Besides, Top, Rated Sellers has the best spots here. So what are you going to do about it, that’s the big question?

Second, I am a Graphic Designer myself, and logos is one of my specialties, However, do you see me selling my logo’s??? Nope, you don’t, and I tell you why? Because Logo Design is exaggerated here on Fiverr. So it is better to start with something you good at it but is not too competitive. But when you start seeing great reviews from your clients than it is time to add some Logos. This will boost you and your GIGS even further and maybe even become a TRS. Now I told you about my strategy. If you play your cards right you will get yourself on First Page!!


Good luck!!

Kindly, Humberto

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Hi brother , thanks for your feedback , really appreciated , actually I started with Excel and logo design as these are the specialities I am good in , being new on Fiverr does not mean that I am new in the field , I fully agree with you that this need more time and not only 4 months as my case, I have the determinations and willing to reach , hope if any of the experts here can add some advises/tricks that can make it work, thanks

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