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I CALL B.S. ! Some people just drive me insane

Okay, so I have just requested mutual cancellation because this headache is NOT worth the $4 that I’m not gonna get paid after HOURS of work on a resume gig.

Basically, I gave them the absolute same formatted resume that I give anyone else. I took all the information they gave me (poorly written in broken English and with literally NO help with a job description what so ever) and turned it into the best resume I could. The problem?

I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT GOES ON IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, I WORK AT A BURGER JOINT !!! I DO NOT KNOW what an Artist Manager does, or what A&R is, or any of that! I don’t know how record labels work, or what you do aside from promoting the artist.

After I wrote out what I thought was a pretty nice resume considering the lack of information given about their work history, (I was given the titles of the last company and a couple groups they traveled with and that’s about it.) and they did not like what I had. So I tried to edit it and send it back, and they did not like the edits. I offered to do more changes, that I would try to make it better. I was given this response:

"Artist manangment and A&R manager is the Most normals job in the entertainment busniuss and if you dont know what that type of jobs is then sorry i cant help you. i dont have time for everything you asking me to do. you dont know what normal jobs is and that makes me have to do the job for you even if I’m the customer. so lets leave it as this and thank you for trying. but i dont have more time on this. please refund my $ and good luck."


I’m sorry that I am not in your job industry and have no idea about any of it. Again, I reiterate that I work in a BURGER JOINT so I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS NORMAL FOR YOU! All I asked for was a short general description or idea of what to put under there job titles. Anyone else has given me a list of “duties or responsibilities” that their job entailed. Not just the title. It’s not my job to figure out what you do, is it? It’s only my job to sell your skills, capabilities and experience in a killer resume.

Thank you. End of rant. I feel much better, even after having to cancel the order after all that work.

Thanks, I appreciate your understanding here! I really do!

I am going to amend the gig description somehow to include this, I just figured that letting me know what you do was sort of common sense? I also asked them for “as much information as they could possibly give me” when they asked for a resume from scratch. I guess I was not clear enough, but I will fix that so hopefully there is no confusion with future buyers.

I’m so sorry you did all that work for nothing but frustration. It really is ridiculous to assume you would know what his job entails. I would think it common sense to include at least a small description or blurb about my job if someone was creating a resume for me.

Might be best, in the future, to make sure the buyer provides that/all information before you start. It’s ridiculous to think something so simple would be a deal breaker, but better to be cautious. There are some buyers who will do anything to get something for free.

This is why I hit cancel button whenever they don’t provide me with enough info to work on, and send them a message like "Hey, sorry about this, but I can’t proceed unless you tell me (a list of the necessary details). If it’s too much hassle for you, kindly accept the mutual cancellation and my apologies for not being able to work on this."

They either give me the info I asked for, or accept the cancellation.

I agree with CatWriter. If a order is incomplete it is best to cancel it before you start and end up with a headache.

Reply to @catwriter: Dead on! The more experience sellers have with buyers on Fiverr, the more quickly they will learn that trying to do ANY job based off of Zero information isn’t going to cut it. It’s best to just cut your losses and walk away. I just had to send a cancellation request myself. I often wonder if sellers just sign into Fiverr buy a gig, send a 2 sentence response to instructions, and log out. Once they start getting antsy for their work they sign back in expecting it to be ready. Well, if all sellers started demanding that their instructions be met prior to starting their work we’d all be better off…

Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate all of it! I do NOT want to have to deal with that again!

Reply to @catwriter: Agreed! 100%

I used to try to help them, but 9/10 my good faith was destroyed and the order resulted in mutual cancellation anyway.

If the buyer has already proven to be lazy enough not to provide information about what they need, trust me… there will be a problem, after a problem, after a problem!

The funniest experience I had was when a customer ordered a flyer without providing any information about the actual event, when it’s being held, any performers… ANYTHING? they just said “It’s a Halloween event” …

what I hate the most is in my gig description I have clearly stated to message me before you purchase the gig but I got like 6 buyers within a day who ordered it without messaging me and requested something totally different that I do not offer. I have to cancel all the orders now… sick of this

Interesting views. Have you tried using Wikipedia? It’s the quickest way to learn about anything, those articles will save you a lot of time and you’ll be able to do your job. Or you can go on and search “Artist Manager” and you’ll see the job description and requirements.

Of course, if a topic is too hard for you, then mutually cancel the order before starting.

P.S. I love the entertainment industry! Have you ever watched Entourage? It’s a fascinating world.

If users don’t provide enough information for example with my writing gig, I require them to order my gig extra for research on topics I don’t have as much knowledge in. If they don’t and it’s what I consider a “technical” topic, I offer a mutual cancellation and I won’t work the order anymore. Normal writing and what falls under “technical” are two different things and I am not going to spend potentially triple the time investment for the same amount.

With a language barrier like this though, “Most normals job in the entertainment busniuss” it may be a very lost cause no matter what you deliver.