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I came back to the Fiverr Community Forum again

If you don’t know how to edit your post, you can always ask a moderator to do it.


@absiddik09 In your original post you claimed you were a “senior user” re-emerging, here to share some experience with us.

To add “flair” to your post and -I can only assume- to imply that you are a senior member, you chose -purposefully, with clear intent- to copy my avatar from one of my numerous posts here on the forum.

Then when people called you out, you messaged me -in private- to apologize because you are “a new member and don’t know how the forum works”.

Here is all of your homework: Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines .

In the future I am going to assume you have read everything I just linked to, so the next time you violate any forum rules and/or community guidelines, your account will be eligible for a suspension.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but pretending to be someone you are not, will get you nowhere. (that applies doubly so on the Fiverr platform)

Thank you.


Ok, Sure I’ll do it as soon as possible

Thank you so much dear❤️. I’ll fulfill all of my homework and from next time I don’t do this kind of mistake.

@absiddik09 welcome to back our Fiverr community family.

@shahriarshakil Thank you for wishing me…:heart_eyes: