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I came to fiverr in 2019 August,but till today no order

I am an active member of Fiverr since 2019 august. But with no order till today. Don’t know why I tried all the way to get one order, “MY FIRST ORDER”, by posting my gig link in all social media business groups, among friends etc. But all in vain.
Feeling so sad today, almost dead condition with the saddest thing in my life.
Is there anyone, to help me in this current situation.


That’s because your targeted customer doesn’t exist on social media. The majority of buyers came from fiverr search bar. So you need to improve your gig on-page SEO for internal fiverr traffic.

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I think you have try different way @santhosh1975

don’t loss hope brother, same with me i just completed 1 order. and try to get more.
best of luck

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Since you ask, please allow me to tell you what I see from the buyer’s viewpoint.

  1. Two of your Gigs are too similar.

  2. Your presentation Gig has no video sample. You need to upload a sample of your work.
    The Gig description is very vague and looks like it has been copied from an encyclopedia. You need to explain to your potential buyers what you can do for them better than anyone else in your niche on Fiverr.

  3. The most important thing is that you profile description (who you are) needs serious editing. Currently it is:

“Make Someone Happy With A Solutions.” Hai and hallo dear My name is Santhosh ,(dear ones call me Santhu). I am a dedicated and hardworking person who believes in good working,hardwork and a honest relation. I have certain qualities which makes me good at the data entry service I provide through fiver. I am very skilled in data entry works and Excel woks**…**I also did many works in data extraction and as a web researcher for my different clients in and around my native place.I am confident in our succession together as I am punctual and creative and a strong beliver in hard worker.

Tip #1: You need to check grammar and syntax (too many errors). I have marked a few with bold letters.

Tip #2: This is not a place for “dear ones”. It is a professional place.

Tip #3: Avoid writing the word “I” too many times.

Well, I hope that helps. Best wishes.

thank you mam. i never noticed those errors.
Will edit today only.

You can make it! It just needs a little bit more work to present yourself and your gigs in a more inspiring way (inspiring to buyers).

all the best

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