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I can' access my Fiverr account, it might be hijacked and Fiverr support doesn't help. What to do?

Hi guys,

Today I want to share a sad story in the hope that maybe someone can help, or Fiverr support pays attention (they closed my ticket as solved without doing anything).

I have a 4 year old Fiverr account (baaltazar) and doing really well, got good feedback over the years.

I was on vacation and came back last Sunday, turned the vacation mode off and I got immediately a new sale. All good, I went to bed, woke up Monday morning and wanted to work on the gig.

I went to and I was logged out. Hmm. Weird. I tried to log back in, but it said wrong password. I requested a new password, entered my email address and then came the surprise: "The email address you entered could not be found."

I was shocked. I then searched for my profile and it’s there, in fact, my best selling gig sells very well, I already had 8 gigs piled up. (

I opened a new support ticket (REQUEST #608583) immediately and was counting the minutes. I trusted Fiverr support because they have been a great help over the years and I can thank them for many-many things. I knew things will be ok. A day passed and no response, I started to be very nervous. Then I got an email from Payoneer that Fiverr sent me money ($29) but I didn’t initiate the process! In fact there was about $300 in my Fiverr account, how can it be only $29 that someone tried to withdraw to my account? Then I got really nervous. Not about the money, but about my long standing, trusted Fiverr account. I make good money and it is a substantial part of my income. I cannot afford to lose it.

Then came the even bigger surprise. This morning I went back to the support center and I was shocked when I saw that the ticket was CLOSED as solved (by support staff Ron). And nothing was written there.

To be honest, I’m clueless and in desperate need of help. I would appreciate any help on any end. I hope this does not happen to anyone else. :frowning:

Thank you in advance.


Hi guys,

Thank you all for your help!

I got back my account (needed to send some proof of ID) but after that I was able to log in. I then saw that about $250 was spent on purchasing other gigs in the last two days. I got a smaller heartattack. I collected the gig IDs and sent them over to Fiverr Support and they disputed all of them immediately and I got my money back in a couple of minutes. What a service!

I have to thank Val from support personally, he is a legend and saved my day.

The lesson I learned is that I need to use a hyper secure password, possibly the weak one was the reason of the hijacking. So change your passwords too if it’s not secure!

By the way it was a guy from Bangladesh this much I know about him and he set up VPN systems (and purchased related gigs).

Anyway - thank you for everyone again!


Hello, I’m very sorry about your problem and maybe I have a solution for you. I saw your best gig and there is a video with you in it. So I think if you follow the next steps, you will get your account back:

  1. Open another ticket;
  2. Show the support this gig with you in it ->;
  3. You can ask them to make a video call with one of their employees so they see, that the person on that video is you.
  4. Tell them that you can send a copy of your ID card by post on their address to verify that this is you on the video.
  5. Ask them if you can provide them with any prove that the person on this video is, in fact, you.

    I hope you get your account back!

    Best regards!

You have to act quickly before the other guy sees this post and change the video!!!

Have you tried reaching out to them on Twitter? I’ve read here that it can help get you noticed and possibly speed up the Customer Service response.

Wishing you luck.

P.S. I just took a look at your profile and the green contact button is blinking, indicating you (or your doppelganger) is online.

How great is it that you had a positive outcome? Thanks for the tip about passwords, much appreciated!

I did, but what about poor sellers who worked for this bastard? They did work on the gigs which were refunded to me so they can’t keep the money. BTW the hacker was an extra arsehole, because once the seller delivered the gig, he cancelled it and got a refund (well, I got a refund), but I’m sure he kept the works. Bastard.

Glad it worked out, too bad it happened in the first place, but it is what it is. Thanks for letting us all know that it got settled.

kjblynx, can you update a ticket once Fiverr has closed it as resolved?

kjblynx - you cannot update it, you can only create a follow up ticket, but it just simply copies the ID number of the closed one to the new one and that is it. I was kind of shocked when Ron closed the ticket after two days without doing anything. Normally I would report it to his manager, but Val did a great job and I just want to forget the whole thing.

Change your passwords! :smiley:

Wow…this was actually a rather exciting thread! It reads like a novel: there’s a dilemma, a bad guy :ar! , there’s high drama and angst :(( ! And best of all, there’s a happy ending~ :slight_smile: purchases were for real, but hopefully they understand that this sort of account hijacking could happen to them, and that Fiverr would assist them, too.