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I can do any tasks

Hello everyone! in my gig, I can do any task so long it’s not something ridiculous.

Hi, I saw you promote yourself in another post too.
It breaks the rule of Fiverr TOS. Don’t promote yourself in the forum.

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It makes no sense to have a gig title which states “I will do any task for a fiverr”.

Okay then, circumnavigate the world and film every step of the way, make me a cup of tea, design an alternative to the Windows operating system.

Really, if anyone orders your gig based on the title alone you are likely to find yourself with some impossible tasks followed by cancellations.

For your sake and for the reputation of Fiverr and other sellers who associate with it, please be realistic.

sorry, i’m still new here.

This category is for advertising Fiverr Gigs. It is not for advertising anything but Fiverr Gigs. This is the only place on the forum where you may list links to your Gigs for sale.

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Ok. Thanks for your clarification :grinning: