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"I can do better"


The other day I was working on a gig at a friend’s house, my friends peeked over my
shoulder and looked at that I was doing. I showed them some other funny gigs available on
Fiverr, and we all got a good laugh. Then one of the guy’s wife came in. Truth be told, I don’t like this person since she needs to one-upper everyone and everything 99% of the time.
She looked the singing gig we were looking at, the husband said something along the lines of “This girl has an amazing voice!”

…and then she says “She’s not that good, I can do better.”

I could have kept my mouth shut but I said “I doubt that.”

I also added that I’ll believe her once she sets up her own account and have orders
pouring in within days.

She looked pissed and left. Husband apologized to me for her behavior.
I apologized to him and the other guys in the room for making them feel uncomfortable,
however I never said sorry for what I said. :expressionless:

The end. True story. Feel free to share your Fiverr drama!


You want Fiverr drama? Well, you asked for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I get an order from a buyer, the order is pending for the buyer’s instructions, but the buyer never responds. I start messaging them daily about how they’ve not submitted the instructions. Eventually I started informing the buyer I’ll be cancelling the order if I don’t receive any response at all from them.

A few months later, I ask CS to cancel all my pending orders that were sitting there for months and years, including that buyer’s order.

After a few days I finally receive a message from that buyer, telling me that his mother had died. Obviously I felt sorrow and regret :cry:


That’s a statement people with low self esteem often like to use. I usually just give them a compliment to make them feel a bit better.


I have couples of pending order without instruction . i am tired to contact with them …

May be one day they will understand :four_leaf_clover:


@zeus777 man great story :grin:
@Woofy31 know that feeling bro, so did he placed the order again?


No, the buyer never placed any other order… which made me feel worse about myself for cancelling his order.


:disappointed_relieved: hmm sorry about that.