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I can draw request for Anime/Manga styled outcomes!

Hi there!

My name is Gui, I’m kinda new to Fiverr!

I’ve drawn concept art, art for small fan games and talked with various people to do with commission work.
It would be awesome if theres anyone out there interested in getting a drawing from me! :3
I’ll leave here the link to my offer you you guys can see, oh and also my deviantart too!



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Hi there,
Seems interesting :smiley:
Can you draw real people in Anime style?

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Yes I can! its a tad harder but I can manage :slight_smile:

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Can I see an example please?

That is something unique and I dont think it is provided on fiverr (have a look).
So I recommend to create a gig about that instead of your general one (which has many gigs on the same thing)

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