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I can get clients by decreasing my gig rates?

Should I decrease my gig rate to get clients?

Hi! Do you mean decreasing your prices? Well experience has taught many of us sellers that while lower prices do attract more buyers, most of them might not be the kind of buyers you want to work with -too demanding and entitled, uncommitted, disrespectful and non collaborative. And that’s because they perceive low price as low service value, and I don’t mean to justify them, but can we really blame them if we’re downselling ourselves?

It’s up to us to find that elusive balance between pricing and expected earnings and goals as sellers, and it’s not easy. Most successful sellers here on Fiverr will tell you that rising their prices is the best thing they could’ve done, but before doing that you might need to get a certain amount of orders and positive ratings in order to show “good” buyers that your service value is worth the price.

So, there’s no right or wrong answer here, maybe you should try modifying your prices for a while and see how it goes.

All the best!


Hi @mohxanraza
it’s wrong concept. But it’s depend on your work quality. If you provide best service to your client then you achieve good rating that why your gig impression will be increase and your also be increase.

Thanks anabell, You define it in a good way but most of the clients are come to the gigs and than go back with out checking work experience and quality. If we talk about experience than I have good experience what I am selling at fiverr and have many example links but I can only show my expertise if some one try to check them with reasonable price. And I think it’s very hard to get the client. Thank you

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Thanks for response. Please check my reply to @anabellamadeo

Why don’t you give it a trial run (let’s say a month), then you can return back here and let us know how it went.

I did the opposite, I raised my prices to see what would happen. It seems that I am pretty much earning the same money and working less.

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What do you means by trail run…?

you can decrease the price for let’s say 1 month and see what happen.

No. Don’t assume this will get you clients.

If you aren’t getting clients, there is likely another reason.

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I said trial run not trail run. I trial run is when you test something out to see if it works. MAybe give it a shot for a month and see how it goes.