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I CaN HAz OrdER NaO?

In the category of buyers whom I immediately fire is this one: the buyer who obviously doesn’t have a strong command of the English language and types in all caps. If I were selling almost anything else, this wouldn’t be a problem, but since the buyer’s perception of the quality of service I provide is dependent on the buyer understanding what I’m saying, this is an immediate red flag. These kinds of clients always fail to follow the instructions, get upset when I don’t provide what they want, and then argue with me about the quality of service when it’s their own fault because they can’t understand what I’m saying. What’s really precious about this guy is that after he asked permission - and I said “no” - he placed two orders, and one of them was a $5 order asking for $30 worth of work. Yeah… not gonna work out, buddy.


So I’m assuming that you went ahead and asked for a cancellation, did he
accept/understand it?

These are the ones who think they can force you to do work for them against your will.

I sent him a request for mutual cancellation for both orders. He declined. I took it to customer support and they took care of it.

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