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I can help you improve your WordPress theme



I am an experienced WordPress theme developer and code reviewer, and I created
a gig where I help you find and solve problems with your WordPress theme.

I have completed a few other WordPress related gigs, and I have received offers
for other types of WordPress related work, which I have not been able to commit to
(mostly because they are long term, major projects).
These gigs have been fun and rewarding,-surprising even: I have done things I did not even know was “a thing” :slight_smile:

But where I really shine, what I am passionate about, and where I can really help, is during the code review.
When I first joined fiverr, my code review gig was handpicked as a “Rising Talent” and it had lots of impressions.
But no sales. -Not a single direct message with questions regarding this gig.

So either my description of the gig is off, or difficult to understand, or people are scared off by my funny
“Swenglish” dialect in the gig video? I don’t know :slight_smile:

This gig is highly niched towards:

  • Theme authors who wants feedback on their code, and an extra pair of eyes to help find
    potential problems.

  • Beginner theme authors looking for a mentor, someone who wants improve their code and basically check “did I do this right?”

  • People who have created or bought a theme, and wants to prepare it for release
    on or for sale on another marketplace.
    This saves you time and hopefully, helps your theme avoid rejection!

My absolute specialty is themes that you plan to submit to
For example, if you have a “lite” free version of the theme that you plan to sell.

I have reviewed over 1000 themes submitted to the official theme directory,
and I know that most themes does not pass the first review.*
And I know how to help you fix that.

I have a 5 dollar gig where I do a one hour review of your theme,
and then let you know any problems that I find. The 5 dollar gig does not include revisions.

So what can I actually find in one hour? Is that really enough time to help?
For a medium sized theme, (up to 200 files) it takes me 0-15 minutes to spot things like:
Security issues such as escaping
Including scripts and styles correctly
“Plugin territory” -functionality that is not allowed to be in the theme according to or Theme Forest. (May not be relevant if your theme is for a client)
Missing translations (May not be relevant if your theme is for a client)
Broken options.

So one hour gives me a chance to look at your theme in depth (As long as it is not 1500 files :slight_smile: Don’t create themes with 1500 files!)


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes :slightly_smiling_face: