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I can make beautiful gigs


I don’t see any gigs though.
What are you offering?? :thinking::thinking:


Hmm, interesting. So, a gun symbolizes beautiful gigs. :woozy_face:

How are Buyers suppose to know what you’re selling? :space_invader:
Add a few words about your gig and drop a direct link.


Beautiful beautiful beautiful things happening here © The USA president :grin:

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Wonderful gig.This is a very good gig.
is this not being shown?
watch this gig actually I couldn’t know this gun is not in my this account.

Sir Please don’t mock me.
Check my this gig

I love the Siberian Tiger with the Name King Kong.

Thanks sir but Can you tell me why my gigs are not receiving orders?

Too much competition, better options out there, better written gig descriptions

Do my gigs seem older one?

No sir competition doesn’t matter. if I was receiving atleast 2 or 3 orders monthly then we could say there is competition.

Don’t look at other people, look at yourself.

sorry if you got mind! I mean to say that do you really see a gun in my account?

That doesn’t make sense. If you aren’t getting orders for logo designing then it’s safe to say the COMPETITION is.

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