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I can no longer message my seller

I can no longer contact my seller and we are in the middle of a job. Fiverr says 24/support yet there is absolutely no where to send an email much less call. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating this is or how equally dissatisfied I am with Fiverr right now. This is one of many jobs I have purchased from your site yet you don’t even list a contact email? No reponse from @support on Twitter? Now my funds are tied up while I helplessly watch the time ticker count down to nothing. My job was time sensitive. I am a growing business and was planning to continue to use your site. I am seriously reconsidering this now. I hope I get some feedback in a timely manner


Hello @jakerojas,

Have you send a ticket about this matter to customer support ( From my experiences, it took up to 48 hours for fiverr to respond your ticket.

Fiverr might not respond to this thread because it’s a forum where users intteract and share experiences. As being said, you will get some suggestions from forum members here, not from Fiverr.


That’s really sad but you should send a ticket as @pandumstudio have suggested.

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