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I can not a make new buyer offers

I can not send any new buyer offer to send when I click buyer request then massage me
You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

Please help me with how I can do it?

I mean come on, this is a silly question, you have a message right in front of you saying “YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 90% POSITIVE RATING”, the only way would be to wait for new orders and get better ratings!

But how can I get new offer without buyer request it is a long time

Well, that’s quite unfortunate. You will need to earn yourself an order via your gig, , don’t rely on buyer request!

do you know any way that helpful for me

you can do social promotion. people from social network can choose you and hire you.

okay thank you very much but do you other way for quick solution

there is no easy path… beware of TOS violation.

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