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I can not abale to sell my Gig.I am very disappoint

I create two Gig last month.But can not any response by buyer.I am stacked what can i do now help me please!!!

Hello! My suggestion is that you try to move your gigs in other categories.

Thanks a lot drashkos .I am web-programming category .In web-designing i cannot see other category part.for your comments i will try to move my Dig other category.

how about getting permission for one or two clients to use their work for advertising. The problem is you have no real samples. You claim you can build newsletters, but then all I see in your photo samples are just templates. Anyone can use a template. Buyers want to see real samples of your real work. Just be sure to ask permission.

And please fix all the punctuation in your gig and profile. A sentence always starts with a capital letter and there is always a space after a period of a sentence. Like this.not like this.

Spend some time reading other sellers gigs that are similar to yours that have a high rating and see how they are doing things and get ideas how to do your gigs beter.

I think you need sample of your work.

I agree, you need to have some samples. Also, maybe try to use a different photo where you are smiling and it is not so dark.

Thanks sincere18 your Good advice.

thanks nice_view for your advice.

how may time to find a work i don’t know. i need a work.

Don’t worry, in due time you will get the amount of views and clicks that you need. Stay strong and keep going, there is more than enough to go around!

Thanks oezeadi .I will keep up strongly .

Your situation is no different than trying to sell your service to a real person in your neighborhood. You need to have clear samples of what you offer. Be overly competitive at first to break into the market. (Offering what your competition offers at a 75% discount) Give them incentive to try you rather than use someone with more experience. We all started just like you. There were 700 providers in my category when I started and I pushed through. The fastest way is with the discount. I discounted my first 100 deliveries. I gave away $2000.00 of services and got to level 2 in 60 days. Now after earning $40,000.00 later, it was worth the investment.

Great Advice.Thanks landongrace.I see your portfolio and wish to good work for audio Editing.

Thanks fonthaunt .

Today i passing 45 day to create Gig.Still now I have no-response from any buyer.

And what other websites are you trying to sell freelance work on? just Fiverr?

And what about advertising your gigs on your social media pages, to friends and people you network with.

Thanks sincere18 . This time I do no copy-paste with my Gig.

Are it is really need to post My gig other website?

Hi Sincere18, You are so helpful. you know i am new here and have not much knowledge about fiverr creating Gig and sells.You give me some valuable advice which is i try to follow your Guideline.But last you say post my gigs links to social media to improve my gigs performance.It is kind of SEO related work which is very painful thus i do not work for SEO based work.I have very hard work on Web designing and learn webdesign about Six/seven month.It is very frustrated and sadness for me if i donot work on webdesign in my freelancer career.when i know in fiverr there is some option for new comer to find work(as you like to say SELL ) then i come here and try to build my Gig.As i learn here is nothing to new Bee those who really want some work.Al last i am gona be Disappoint .