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I can not be found

Hey there must be something i am missing here. Last week i visited a friend and i wanted to search myself as an Illustrator in germany. I used the seller filters to narrow down my search for myself, but i was simply not there. Today i tried again with my own computer after logging out. I typed “Illustrator” and searched in “New sellers” “germany” and i was not among them. I must have messed up somewhere but i don’t know where. I need to be findable if i want to get reviews and in the end sales.
Someone has got a hint?

Do you have the word illustrator in your title?

In one of my gigs, yes. In almost all of them i have the word “illustration” in the tags.

You can ask customer support about this then.

Thanks! It has to be in the title? The searchtags do not matter? I just renamed the one with the illustrator in the title yesterday…maybe it needs time to show up.

yes if you search for the main words in the title you may find it.

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Thanks for your time…now i know why my stuff was hard to find

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