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I can not complete an order. Can I ask the seller to cancel it and what impact will it have?

I got my first order on Fiverr for Google Ads after having a long interaction with buyer about running ads of an item whose ads can’t be approved on Google and I assured the buyer that I can do it and asked him to place the order thinking that I can run the ads because I have seen other businesses selling those items so I can do it too but now I am in a situation that after my all the research I got to know ads can’t be run so can I just ask the buyer to cancel the order or cancel it myself and what impact will it have on my gig and profile? I also want the buyer to get his complete refund.


Yes, you can cancel, yes, it will affect you for 60 days, no, the buyer will loose the fee but will receive the rest back.

Please see:

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Talk to your buyer. Tell him about the problem.if he understands and agree on cancelling the order, then contact customer service to cancel the order. And of course provide the screenshot where your buyer agreed with you on cancelling the order. Then Fiverr will cancel it and it won’t affect your profile. Thanks.

Well this depends…if it’s the sellers fault then it might affect his profile no matter who cancels the order… If he has a good reason to cancel it then it should be fine

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Yes, It’s true. But people make mistakes. So this a better way to save someone’s profile from impact. And he will learn also.

Yes you can cancel this order.But I think Mutual cancel is better for you. Talk to buyer then you send the cancel request and tell him to accept.

Of course you can cancel orders, you need to contact customer service first and ask for cancellation. It is up to fiverr to decide whether it would effect your profile or not