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I can not find my gig using my keyword. What can I do now?

I searched my gig using my gig “keyword” & I checked my gig search appear- here my gig show “Active”. Please let me know what can I do now?
Please check my gig here-


Your gig is visible to me. Its mean it is active.
And for searchbar, try to use filters like
product from seller level 1,
price xx – xx

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okay bro…I am trying

Always try to use suggested keyword as targeted keyword but it should be low competitive. Try to use keywords in title, description(minimum 2 times for one keyword) and also in pricing section. I’m new in Fiverr. I’ve created my account 1 month ago and in this one month I got 5 orders. You know as an one month account how much hard that is.
Try to apply this, hope you’ll find your gig with the targeted keyword.



I checked, Your gig is index in Fiverr. No take tension, you should to share your gig on social media and do the struggle to take order.

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They fixed it after I emailed the FIVERR team when all of this problem was already with me

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