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I can not get any click on my gigs please check and gelp me

Hello, there community!
I am setu_biswsa from Bangladesh, I’m a WordPress Developer and I started working here a few days ago.
I’d appreciate you click my profile and check all of my gigs and send me an offer.

If you don’t want or can’t and order just by clicking you’ll be helping and inform me about my gig, thanks!

I’d remove the URL that isn’t in Fiverr’s list of allowed URLs.
Also look at the gig images on the profile - some of the text is a bit cropped on a few.

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Thanks a lot, But now if i change my gig image, my gig lost rank and create any issue in buyer request?

I’m not sure if it affects buyer requests in any way. If you change a gig it will be removed from search for a while until it’s approved I think, but it doesn’t necessary mean it will go to a lower rank. It may or may not. If you want to update the gig images you could do it slowly - ie. one gig on one day, then a few days later, another gig’s image. That way only one gig might be out of the search engine at a time, so it wouldn’t be as bad as editing all of them on the same day I think (ie. it wouldn’t drop the impressions for all gigs in one go).

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Really awesome , Thanks Again.

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