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I can not get order on fiveer from 1 year please help me

i can not get order on fiveer from 1 year please help me

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Hi there @rizwan47,

That is not completely true, you had your last order 3 months ago… that is already a lot better than many sellers here, However, I suggest to create more catchy images. I see you’ve copied a few from the internet… change those and you’ll be fine!!!

Warmly, Humberto


i made account on 21 June 2019 till now i got 3 orders and two of them i completed and 1 is remaining…and got 152$ with 3 orders… just one suggestion for you try to update description of the gig, pricing, category and title of your gig that’s it.

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how get order early on fiverr

try to update your gig with perfect and famous category

You should be use eye catchy image in primary image level…You should maintain fiver rules when creating images…

Update your gig…

I see that you graduated in Computer Science; you could consider to offer some service in that field.


This makes me wonder if the OP just “forgot” about their last couple of orders (I don’t know if that’s possible) or if they are using someone else’s account/a purchased account (and they just slipped out of character). :thinking:

Also, the fact that the OP seems to be offering services that are in no way related to their master’s degree in computer science doesn’t seem to help assuage my doubts either. :thinking:

@rizwan47 I would suggest that you take pacquo’s suggestion into consideration. The seller help center and the forum have a lot of helpful articles/posts that can help you out. Please feel free to go through them and put whatever you learn to good use.

Here’s one forum post to get you started:

Good luck! :sunny:


you always seem to see the bad in people <3 i like it. you can use it to make profit. become a critic

Being a critic doesn’t involve searching for the bad in things. It involves identifying where something fell short of its potential. :slight_smile:


people always see it as bad from their point of view.

Thank you. You see, I am already a critic. I critique people’s writings and give them suggestions on how they can improve their work. And yes, I make a good amount of profit. :wink:

I find it a fool’s errand to try and engage in a sensible conversation with you. So, I am outta here. Adios (goodbye).


do you feel you are superior ? “such”

so it’s a comparison. so you either feel superior or inferior.

why did you withdraw your post then ?

Do you feel better now that you insulted so many people on the forum?

You definitely need to read Rules of this forum as you obviously skipped that part.
Constructive criticism is allowed on the forum especially when someone created a topic on the forum. If you don’t like people commenting on your posts then you shouldn’t post anything on the forum. But all your comments are rude, passive aggressive and protective, insults and calling out people are a big No No on this forum


In description you mentioned masters of commerce and in education you wrote masters in computer so who will trust on you.Here people are all around world not only from here :laughing:

Yes you are right :smile:
And i can see your profile reviews are also fake and your buyer is also offering same service and from same place :roll_eyes:
I will not mention how and why you got these reviews but keep assure this type tricky orders and reviews just kill your skills and your trust in market.
All gigs description pics are just copied from other sellers gigs and not yours.
So if you want success on fiverr then only trust on your skills and get what the other people want from you :wink:


why i get any order please help me

Did you read all the replies people gave?