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I can not improve my gig. Give me some solutions

I have lost my gig rank. No project is found by me. I am expert . But how can i show my work if i don’t get any chance? Please the community helps me. I do my work every day like send buyer request, gig marketing and active all time.

You can see my profile and gig. Thank you.

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You’ve got duplicate content, for one - a Copyscape search brought up 9 hits for your bio / gig text, and at least three usernames that aren’t yours.

Also, you’ve got a ton of typos and grammatical errors, e.g. “javacript”, spaces after commas, and " “Please contact me before hair”…what does that even mean? I’m absolutely baffled. In English, hair is what grows out of your head, but I can’t think what word you even meant to use. It’s nonsense.


In addition to the above, experts don’t put text directly on pictures. And they also keep thumbnail scaling in mind while designing.

(I think he meant ‘hire’.)

Ah! I can’t believe that didn’t occur to me, lol! I was thinking it was trying to be “here” or something. That makes perfect sense, in that case. Still a hilarious typo though.


Thank you for giving the suggestion .

Actually i am new here. This is why, i don’t know how to improve my profile. By the way , thank you for giving the suggestion.

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design, redesign, customise and develop wordpress website
In the gig description:
“Fon-end:” could be “Front-end:”
“Boothstrap.” could be “Bootstrap”

Gig: I will design and redesign wix professional website
In the gig description:
“i am” could be “I am”

Gig: I will design or redesign responsive and professional wix website
In the gig description:
“i will” could be “I will”
“See more about my service bellow.” could be “See more about my service below.”