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I can not log out


I continue to be unable to log out - every time I try, nothing happens. Been going on for months now!

Very aggravating!



Didn’t you know? Once you check in you can never check out.

Have you asked customer support about this? :slight_smile:


It’s like “Hotel California” all over again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Customer support was no help with their suggestions:-(


I don’t remember ever trying to logout so I can’t help but it might be a browser issue of some kind. You can try using a different browser.
You can download firefox if you are using Windows and see if that solves it.
If not, then it’s from the fiverr site.


Interesting - Using Firefox, I can login/out but logging out there does not log me out of Fiverr on Chrome!

So somehow, if anyone used my computer, with Chrome they would automatically be into my Fiverr account! Not Cool…



Hi, Bob!

Hmm, Chrome works fine for me. Maybe your file is corrupted or something? Try uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy.


Copy of Chrome? Not having problems with any other sites…


Yeah, it’s worth a shot or probably not. However, if FF works, I guess that’s an alternative. Since CS didn’t have any remedies to fix the situation.


Bob, have you blown out the history in Chrome? That kills all the cookies and you will have to reenter your credentials to log into fiverr again. Settings>Advanced>clear browsing data>for all time.


Or just find the fiverr cookie and delete it.


Thanks To All!

FYI - due to a number of computer crashes couple months ago, everything has been reinstalled…

Thank Again


mmmmmm cookies.


Those look yummy. Me want.


Fire up the oven, I’ll get the mixer. We can do this.


Simply go to the very end of the web page address you are on and back space all the way to the dot com back slash and type in the word logout. That should help.