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I can not see the names in Buyer Request


why I can not see the names in Buyer Request? . Is there someone who has the same problem? thanks



No, this is not a problem. Fiverr made some changes to that section, that’s why we can’t see the names anymore.


oh ! thanks for the reply! :wink:


Here, a genuine situation where the requesting buyer’s name would be highly useful:

As you can imagine, it’s impossible for a seller to identify who this buyer is, even though the buyer specifically requested sellers to look at their history to avoid the same problems, which is impossible without the buyer’s name.


Lol I agree, that would be absolutely useful in that case.

Looking at BRs in the app is a workaround, if bothersome. you can see the names there.


Now that is simply discrimination! Why do mobile users get to see the buyers’ names and regular users can’t? Is it because we haven’t given in to the mobile technology and don’t let #skynet win?

On a serious note though, Fiverr should at least show us if we have any history with a requesting buyer…

P.S. now I will have to download a mobile device simulator, use a proxy through a virtual private network and create a virtual machine connected to that, just to see the buyers’ names as I don’t own a smartphone :smiley: #kidding


[details=OT for Woofy]On re-reading your BR actually…it sounds as if it´s an angry Buyer addressing Fiverr because he couldn´t get his BR posted, so…I suppose Fiverr knows how to see their name. :eyes:
Also, nice P.S. but out of hearts again, so here :wink: :heart: [/details]