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I can not withdraw money


“Something went wrong, please try again.”

How long should I wait after a technical ticket is made?


Contact Fiverr Cs @kokoaguilarte


I think about 0 to 48 hours


I already contacted with cs
Clear your browser history and cookie then re log in your log in your account


@mdhasan481 Please, did that work for you because other forum members said it made no difference.


waiting. :disappointed_relieved::cry::weary:


:cry: I’m a little desperate right now…


:cry: I don’t know what to do.


I’m trying to change my paypal address from July 1 2017 till now and nobody replies me

they talked about a technical ticket , only my god knows how long does it take


Here you can see!

I created the ticket and got only 2 replies and those replies were like a bot! Now after 6 days there is no single reply! And the last reply by CS was on July 07, 2017 20:13. And from that nothing! my problem is still there.


hello everyone! :slight_smile: You know I have the same problem, same error message. CS contacted me and told me they will fix this with tech support team. But is almost 8 days and no fix of the problem. I dont want to insist coz I know they are working in the problem, but I would like to know if someone has the same problem and how long this takes to get solve? im counting on my money for my living :frowning:

@kokoaguilarte your problem is solved?

thanks so much


No, they did not solve my problem.
I had to create another account and lose money,
It’s horrible.Wait what I could and nothing happened. :l