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I can not withdraw my payment by PayPal

Hello! this day when you go into my account fiverr for withdrawing my money, paypal box, is disabled … please someone can tell me if it has happened the same? Thank you

Please see the attached image

Am also facing same issue what is the solution dear

Usually waiting helps, as a great many people are having the same issue.

But if it’s urgent, I would recommend to contact customer support. They are always quick to help from my experience!

Yes, same here. This is ridiculous. We wait 14 days for money to clear as it is. The payment thing should ALWAYS work.

you need to contact customer support team. he/she will resolve your issue. thanks

Yup - same issue. Been trying all weekend. Thought it was a glitch in my end.

I can not withdraw my funds or by paypal or Payoneer. He tells the system that has temporarily disabled my account withdrawals. What’s going on?

Yup! I’m having the same problem. I think my account was hacked. I contacted Fiverr support and they said they sent payment and showed the transaction ID, but I never initiated the withdrawal. I’ll be glad when they resolve this.

I’m still having an issue. Customer Support has offered a solution that didn’t work. They said to clear cache and cookies. I’ve also tried Safari (which has worked numerous times before) and Chrome. Anyone have a solution that has worked? I still have a live support ticket. This is going on almost a week.