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I can not withdraw

I can not withdraw my Fiverr revenue. Please can anyone tell me the reason?
Thank you


What does the pop message say?

Same issue here. Keeps saying withdrawal in progress.

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Is there any problem with that. Can anyone tell me a specific reason. Thank you

I can’t withdraw either… Over $1500 sitting in my Fiverr account

You need to say What was the problem and What was the pop message says?

Says withdrawal in progress

You can’t withdraw 2 time in one day.

I’ve not withdrawn in a few days

I can’t withdraw in last one month.

I just contact Customer Service and they fix it. Now i can withdraw. Thank you all.

Maybe try messaging CS

You should do it. Thank you

Did you connected your payonner or PayPal account?
Please check them first.
Try again after 24 hours.
Be sure your internet connection is working faster.