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I can not withdrawal payment what should I do?

Hi, I can not withdrawal my 400$ 14 days have completed and show my personal balance is 400$ but I can not withdrawal the payment I have attached my Payoneer I always withdrawal by Payoneerbut now I can not withdrawal payment what should I do? when I mail Fiverr coustomer suport they reply me:

Hello Sadaqat,

I understand your confusion in regards to this, and I will be glad to elaborate as to why this has occurred.

To clarify, as it appears that there are buyers who are still awaiting your response to continue working with you, your withdrawal option has been put on hold until their concerns are addressed.

Please look through your inbox as well as active orders and get back to any buyers with whom there is still work to be finished. Once resolved, you will be able to make withdrawals again.

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That message looks explicit enough.

Btw, why do you have the Fiverr logo in your picture? That’s against TOS.

Imagine “I will withdraw your money for $5”

Fiverr logo is back side and still I did not get any warning about it but now I can not withdrawal payment.

I know. You shouldn’t use their logo at all in your profile picture.

Again, the message is explicit. See if all work is complete with all your previous buyers. It’s written in their message. They froze your withdrawals because something wrong is going on with past buyers.

No problem I will change picture work is complete 14 days as well payment is on my personal account but not buyer is not replying me even he comes always online so it not good I can not withdraw payment from my personal account. its a reply from customer support.
Hi again Sadaqat,

While I understand how you feel, I am afraid that we are not able to take any further action until we have confirmed a resolution for all orders which have been previously not been fully completed.

Once we have confirmed the resolution for this, your withdrawals will be enabled. Please await the buyers further responses in your inbox.

lol how? is it posible

yeah… "i will qithdraw your salary 100% money back guarantee with unlimited revision with banned account included, order today " haha xD !

You clearly have orders that have no been “fully completed”. I don’t get your question.

check please.

Contact CS, those people there are able to answer your questions. They are great at their work, very polite.

they told me we can do anything I don’t know why I have complete work deliver files but now buyer is not replying me for payment.

Stop trolling already.


I do not troll at all. If it happens and you hate CS, I’m not on the same side.

You have some issue with a past order. Some buyer complained about an order not having been properly completed. That’s the problem.

I surely hope you’re trolling. I don’t happen to hate or love CS, but it’s a fact they are not great. Not good management. This is not opinion, it’s fact. And that will be attested by any old timer here on the forums. If you disagree, you’re wrong. You can say you had good experiences with them (I also had some good experiences with them!), but on the whole it doesn’t work very well.

Yes I think you are right but I need to chat with buyer he is not replying I want to solve buyer problem can you suggest me please what should I do?

Contact CS, say the client is not responding. Keep trying to solve things with the client in the meanwhile.

Alright Thank you I will contact again CS.

Each time I emailed them, they strived to provide the answers I was looking in a very polite way with genuine interest in short time. I emailed them for very simple questions to very complex questions and they were there for me. I do recognize that to them and I will repeat it, because truth must be repeated to become knowledge of everyone.

If your experience was different, I’m learning it from you.