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I can not withdrawal payment what should I do?

that was your experience. There are countless cases of:

CS taking more than 14 days to respond to a query (unacceptable)
CS providing the same canned responses that are irrelevant to what’s being asked
CS being inconsistent with the TOS (saying one thing to one person and a different thing to another when talking about the same exact rule and situation)

All of this is widely documented on the forums. With screenshots. By reputable, respected sellers, not some meksells.

Can they be good at times? Sure. Are they, on average, good? I wouldn’t say so. Your experiences are not “the truth”.

it’s not a good way CS to response seller if seller complete work any payment is already seller account so CS should allow to withdraw why buyer did not do when work was delivered order is completed so CS should allow to withdraw the seller account payment CS management is not good they always help support buyer but they did not support seller.

You have no ground to stay on this one. Their reply to you was actually good. They said exactly what the problem was. Your pic is literally breaking the TOS, so I won’t put much trust in whatever you said to them either.

That doesn’t mean they’re always good, that’s my point.

Fiverr cares much more about buyers and this is something I really like, as a seller. If the platform cares so much about buyers, it cares about my buyers too.
About CS. I love them, they are great at what they do and I thank them each and every time they help me. Can they improve? Sure, they can. Especially if they hire me. hehe

lol if same problem happened with you like me so than what will you do? still you like CS I think no CS should cares seller as well.

I would contact them as you did, trying to understand why I can’t withdraw my money.
Maybe it’s your fault?
Maybe it needs some time because an order had some issues?
Maybe it’s a systemic error?
and the list goes on

If CS fails, you can try a fortune teller on Fiverr for $5 haha

I recommend that you take a look in your payment configuration … check if your PayPal email was deleted or something like that …