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I can post a new post when I'm on the forum's front page

So, uh, there. I can of course place this post anywhere, but maybe this tip will work for anyone else who wants to post but can’t. Or this may be specific to my account. Either way, here is a rather dull post about it. Enjoy!

Did you need to rant? RANT AWAY, MY PRETTY!

Admin Note: Since this was originally posted in Tips and had a valuable tip about how to post in the forum while there are some posting issues, it was kept in Tips. Other than any rants which already started here, please do the ranting in the Ranting Pot or the thread may be moved again. Thanks!

Yes thank you I do want to rant. The annoying messages are in full force this evening.

  1. one guy asking me what are some good investments for him to make in my country, like in real estate or something. What do I recommend?
  2. Someone asking: I got a spell two weeks ago from another witch on fiverr. How do spells work? how long do they last? Do they ever end? (and on and on questioning how spells work in detail-- why not ask these dozens of questions of the one you got the spell from?)
  3. How do I learn how to be a witch? How did you get to be one?
  4. Can you tell me how this works? I’m just curious. I don’t believe in any of this.
  5. You should worry about your karma forcing people to do things against their will this way
  6. Don’t disappoint me. And please give me something extra ($5 buyer)

50 messages a day.

Damn girl, 50 messages/day? I’d go crazy. At most I get like 20 a day and 90% of them are tire kickers.

5 could be an interesting discussion (without the whole response rate nonsense and the fact that the inbox is for business not nagging philosophy). Since I’m bored, here are my answers:

  1. the best investment is you, you champion/invest in gold, the end is nigh. Don’t tell anyone, otherwise in the dystopian apocalyptic world, you will be horribly murdered for your resources. Maybe build a secret Fürhrerbunker for all that gold and fill it with food and drink while you’re at it.
  2. Magic. As long as they need to. See previous answer, IDK. Please contact @MagicWitch1234abracadabra for more detail.
  3. Hogwarts. Go to London first, you need to board the wall train. If you keep banging into the wall and nothing happens, that’s fine. #ifatfirstyoudontsucceed
  4. The first rule of witch club is that you don’t talk about witch club. This is also the second rule.
  5. GTFO, dullard
  6. See above

I am expecting a 1-star review soon. I know this, as not only did my delightful $5 buyer inform me that if I didn’t cancel, I would get one, but also that he would file a complaint with CS. Little does he know that I contacted CS ages ago and we’re doing a slightly rubbish sting on him.

(I say sting, but it isn’t really. I’m convincing myself this is more glamorous than it actually is!)

I cancelled the order from the buyer in #6. I’m going back to just sending the pre-written response that I can’t answer messages right now. None of these people place orders. Buyers just go ahead and order without questions usually.

That’s a good one, I should add it to my repertoire… right now I have a “too busy” one which isn’t ideal and gets a weird amount of “cool, write to me when you’re not so busy!” messages back.

It’s like… I won’t. It’s a time sink and I will have forgotten about it with the several other messages on top. Last thing I want to do at the moment is traipse through a hellscape of questions that may lead nowhere for nothing after doing my work and dealing with actual work…

…ai ai ai.

Wow, you gals have it hard. Maybe this will make you smile.

I don’t have any rant, because things are really slow.
What I found, was my very first order ever, as I was going through my email :slight_smile:

Remember when fiverr emails looked like this? [attached]

Well, I’ve just come from my morning run…did my research for the articles to be done today, weather is great, things look good and there’s football in the evening…what more can a guy ask for :slight_smile:

You’re missing one ingredient: a sexy lady.

That yo’ is irritating me! Before my time though, I joined on NYE 2013 (as in the last day of…). I think my first gig was a PR, I’ll have to look it up, although I probably don’t have the email (inbox maintenance, people!) and I’m not about to scroll through over 2000 orders to find it.


Maybe it was an implied yo momma joke?

lol… (yo momma joke)

Yeah, they were pretty (don’t know what word to use) back then.

You really had to spoil my perfect day.

It could always be a sexy man with a six-pack and other impressive attributes.

Like, totally radical if radical was the geek locked up in your basement was the impression I got.

I also really like how it goes from yo’ to fancy words like accredited and revenue after yo’.

Speaking of which, time to air out an old bugbear. The CEO was going to do a live Q&A session in… Xmas 2014 I think? I can’t remember and I don’t particularly care, as this paragraph reveals, but he never did, it was forthcoming (STILL WAITING), as was the proper video and not the vertical cam shakeovision video (STILL WAITING).

You should go to that Tampa Fiverr meetup which is coming soon. Do a forum search, it’ll show up. I like how there’s a link to an external contact FB page and (when I last checked) it had a bunch of maybes from Pakistan etc.

lulzy. A bored Fiver rep will be there, free things you didn’t want will be available and you can listen to Tips for Sellers in person (and have to maintain a neutral face at worst).


I’ll announce one for Greece soon, I think.

Maybe the Tampa thing isn’t happening. Can a mod explain? I mean, I just did a quick search myself but… the post I saw seems to be gone and it’s now being promo’d in (as far as I can tell, not that interested) deleted comments to My Fiverr Gigs.

My meetup will be much more fun and I won’t spam the spam gulag with it.

Nah, I don’t swing that way, but don’t really care. I’m perfectly happy alone. I have no worries of any sort, or any kind of stress.

Found it.

Haha y’all are something else in this thread!

This topic does not appear to contain tips for sellers, so, I’ve moved it to Conversations. Sorry emmaki… I’ve gotta follow the policies of this forum. 'Tis my job, after all. :slight_smile:

Is there an adults only section? for emmaki’s posts?

Do you think we need one? :stuck_out_tongue: