I can rescue your broken podcast interviews and audio!


Despite your best efforts, a Skype interview ran completely off the rails and is almost unlistenable. The recording is full of reverb, mouth clicks, heavy plosives, hiss, background noise, and other problems that will cause your listeners to quickly run for the hills. The message was great, but the interview can’t be recorded again.

If you face these problems with your podcast (or non-podcast) audio, I’m here to help.


I can drastically reduce or completely eliminate hiss, low frequency him, echo, plosives, wind noise, mic rustle, background noise, mouth noises, heavy breaths, and much more.

I can also perform surgical removal of specific background noises, isolate interview dialogue from noisy backgrounds (such as busy trade show floors), and more!

I also provide mixing and mastering services.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance! I’ll gladly accept custom orders from Fiverr sellers