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I can review sellers work and i cant get buyer feedback

Herer, today i delivered an order and i didnt get any feedback, but i asked it from buyer and he said he did it. and he sent me the screen shots also, and last day i bought a service from another seller and i left a feedback, but when i submit that feedback, again that page is refreshed automatically and ask me to do feedback, its mean i cant even send my feedback to that seller.

I am facing the same issue. My client gave me a feedback and fiverr sent me a notification too. But I review him back it does not show me his review on order page and after refreshing the page it ask me to write back a review. I think it’s a glitch in notifications section. Fiverr mobile app notifications are also giving error while refreshing.

Having same issue on my account too

My issue has been resolved yesterday!

There is another thread talking about the review changes here: